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Thank you to the Ziglar team for introducing me to the teachings and legacy of Zig Ziglar. This podcast has helped me to continue dreaming big and discover the elements in my life that hold me back from realizing my truest potential. More motivated to keep in the path of implementing powerful truths to impact my family and at work. Keep up the refreshingly awesome content


Love this show, it gets me so motivated and driven to kick some tail whenever I listen to it. I especially love the episodes with a clip of Zig, (10 mins), that the hosts then analyze. I wish there were more of those, but all the episodes are great. Keep it up!


There has never been anything that I’ve listened to that has brought me back down to earth and made me realize my significance or insignificance (depending on the episode) like this podcast has. My drive to work is just under an hour and I now start my day wtih the messages from each episode. Often, I re-play them, especially Simon Sinek’s talk just because of how much it truly inspires me to be a good employee. I’m more appreciative of people, things, and myself through this podcast and while I sometimes think it’s a shame that it took something like this to make me realize it, I’m glad it happened anyway. The guys who run this podcast have the best jobs in the world.