Because you are. Yet you may very well be acting as an amateur and therefore getting amateur playtime, pay, and rewards. It’s a disservice to yourself and the world. Why have we created a gap between the so-called blue and white-collar working world and celebrity entertainers and athletes as Pros? I fear it is because we have been unwillingly lulled into a spectator instead of a participant mentality. For most of you hearing this however, by definition you are a true professional, but you are not acting or living like it. No motivation or inspiration will change that. Belief will change it. Regardless of your income level, if $10 million dollars appeared in your bank account, your belief in your level of financial stability and peace would change. If you completed an IQ test and found out you scored over 160 which is a genius-level, you would believe differently about yourself. Listen in and I’m going to change your belief about yourself. Or at least valiantly attempt to get you to accept the truth.