It continues to be one of the most important questions to ask oneself, “Does my work align with who I am?” Yet in our culture today it is a question many never ask or expect. Work is seen as a necessary evil to provide a paycheck that affords us our lives. While many view working at something they actually enjoy and care about and believe in as a luxury, having those attributes in your work has proven to not only provide personal fulfillment but greater earning potential. In show 687 I talked with Laura Gassner Otting about her concept of consonance and the power of alignment in all we do. From that show, I posted this question to the Ziglar audience, “Does your work align with who you are?” The responses, of course, varied from “absolutely!” and how to “not at all” and the frustrations from that. To talk through the comments I brought Laura back on the show to give her expert insight and counsel. Real stories, real value.