The habits of Lisa Grimes, my guest in show 607. Lisa has a new book she co-authored with Paula Brown Stafford titled…Remember Who You Are: Achieve Success. Create Balance. Experience Fulfillment. As a refresher, Lisa’s focus is living life meaningfully and on purpose, and being connected to other people. She’s spent 33 years in corporate America with roles in management, sales, and business development, and multiple stints as CEO of large companies. She’s also been an entrepreneur, spent a decade as a decorator, and…after being told she couldn’t have children, adopted a child who was deaf and mute. She’s been a busy woman, and it’s enlightening to hear the habitual things she does to keep herself well. Check this out: she suffers from osteoarthritis and had her stem cells injected into her joints in her hands, making her the first person in the world to have ever done so! She’s also done it in both knees. She also has the gift of hospitality, which lends itself to her belief in the high value of connecting with others, in personal life and in business. I’ve probably spent over three hours on the phone with Lisa in the past week, she is just an intriguing person who has experienced so much.