In this show we are talking about you. And charging you with remembering, who…you…are. And if you don’t know, figuring it out. My guest is Lisa Grimes, and the title of the book she coauthored with Paula Brown Stafford is…Remember Who You Are: Achieve Success. Create Balance. Experience Fulfillment.

Lisa and Paula co-authored the book and jointy run a consulting firm called Habergeon, which you can find at

Lisa’s focus is living life meaningfully and on purpose, and being connected to other people. She’s spent 33 years in corporate America with roles in management, sales, and business development, and multiple stints as CEO of large companies. She’s also been an entrepreneur, spent a decade as a decorator, and…after being told she couldn’t have children, adopted a child who is deaf and mute. We cover a lot of ground, and give direct and candid focus to some of the challenges women in the workplace face. We dig into some of the big and volatile issues between men and women in the workplace.

Tons of value for all, but you ladies especially will want to hear this…and guys, share with your wives or women you care about! I think many women will get significant comfort and freedom from what Lisa shares. And…I make some callouts to us dads to…step up our game.

Connect with Lisa at, you can buy the book, Remember Who You Are there, or wherever you buy books.