Show Notes

[00:52] Welcome to the episode 460 of the Ziglar show. Today we bring you Dan Miller, author of 48 days to the work you love, he is in the studio to discuss the recent blog he wrote at his website did on March 24, 2017. The Title is ‘Your Success is Guaranteed if You Do This’. The topic it is referring to is investing in yourself and it insight a rule of success spouse by renowned Bryan Tracey, who was our guest in show 382. Bryan says what will guarantee your success and possible to make you rich is to invest 3% of your income back in to yourself. Join us as we dive in to this concept.

[02:48] Hi everyone, I am Kevin Miller, your host of the Ziglar show. A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of my parents visiting me here in Colorado me and my family, Dan and Joan Miller. Dan, my dad, has been a guest on the Ziglar show many times and Joan, my mom, was the guest on show 411 to discuss her book creating a heaven of piece. So dad has one of the best selling books of the past decade and a half, 48 days to the work you love. It is really get engrailed with Zig and that’s how I met them and I got friends with Tom Ziglar. So I am talking to my Dad as he visited me and he shared about a blog he is about to post on investing in yourself, as it mentioned as a topic of the show, to invest 3% of your income back to yourself. So if we want success, this is the foundational part but not something that I ever heard presenting its concise of a fashion, that is why I wanna to do it. So he came into the studio and we really had a good time, informal time recording this show. Not only this interview will give you great guidance of what investing in yourself but I think it will give you structure and submission doing so.

[06:07] Hey Dad, it is fun to have you here first live person in the studio for the video recording, which we have not done before which folks you can see again on Ziglar Youtube channel. But today we are talking about investing in yourself, we are talking about this with Dan because it is a blog and podcast which you have just posted. You talked a lot about investing yourself, I thought about this big picture and talking to the masses, my wondering was in general most people do go to the college, that is the investment in self, after that often world stops.

[08:30] What are the general areas of investing in myself?

[08:50] What I am focused right now really is this process of personal development. Not just things we do to improve our health, relationships or the career over there is inevitable. But to really strategist about investing in one self, other time you think, you know I don’t have any extra money this month, I can’t go to that conference, I can’t go to that seminar, those kind of things, we should have exact budget lined up. We see as an opportunity in investment in our self. Most people invest in mutual funds, you know dozen things to just protect their money they have. But what we are talking about here, this will exponentially increase your level of success and income.

[10:43] Excess to knowledge or even pain for knowledge is not enough and there are people who are just knowledge junkies. And they continue to go to seminar and conferences or they read a 103 books last year. Well it might have been better to have only 10 and really digest it because we have to go beyond knowledge, knowledge is not enough, knowledge will not change your life, you have to go beyond that understanding and application. So that is the really big point. You can’t be just an information junkie but the first thing is to recognize this principle of investing 3% of your income back in yourself.

[12:35] I think you mentioned personal growth, that’s a specific investing in myself even I suppose to go in the conference while I learn how this widget work or how does apply this thing to my business or in my personal growth. You really trying to in this format steering through something that is growing me, Kevin Miller as an individual to be better tomorrow than as I am today.

[13:04] This is a very individualize process. Let me give you an example. Let’s take just the bottom of the barrel here in terms of where somebody is economically. They don’t have to be who make millions of dollars but somebody which is making 12 dollars in an hour. 12 dollars in an hour, that is roughly 25,000 dollars your income but that is not a whole lot but my recommendation is they use 3% of that income, that is 58 dollars a month. So you can listen to the podcast which is free, you can use the library but I would encourage you to start building your own success library.

[17:16] I go to a lot of conferences, and I go not in to anticipating that just change my life, business dramatically. But expecting to become aware of 2-3 ideas which could dramatically add the success path I am on. If somebody invest 20 dollars in a book, I expect to get in return the 10 times in the next 12 months. So that is true in any level. So if I go to any conference and I pay 2000 dollars to go in that conference, I really expect that I am gonna get one or two ideas that will get me 20,000 dollars’ income over the next two months. I will just go with that anticipation again and again and again.

[18:35] Would that not be relevant thing for all of us to do to look at over the past month or week, or just say past month, how many good value blogs have you read? How many podcasts have you listen to? How many books have you read? Did you attend the seminars? What did I change as a result of that? Seems like it is a good question for us to continuously asking to ourselves.

[20:20] My theory has always been, find somebody who is really doing well and pay for the expertise to short in the learning career.

[30:06] I talked about that on the show that you as a father exemplified that in your life as an adult, as I have seen you achieve levels of success that a lot of people would desire to be at that you did not in-depth there and said I am good and now say more times that you are constantly investing in yourself. You are talking about the discipline and habit on one hand and now back to the money, I really want to hit that.

[33:14] You can’t get there unless you make the investment now to start the process.

[35:17] We talked about just the hardwork and you laid off I think in your blog and probably in a podcast with the hardwork the people and we have the culture issues today, the people who are not investing on themselves, we always talked about the microwave society that we are in, and if you want to be succeed you need to do the hardwork, there is no shortcut.

[41:44] Dan is telling about his upbringing. How strict religious home he had. He didn’t have radio or TV. What it did to him is to drove him to books. Books are the one magical thing that opens a new world for him. What I experience is that because we didn’t have those things which we see as advantages. If I don’t spend two hours of my day reading and listening to the positive materials, I felt like I haven’t brushed my teeth.

[45:54] It may not be easy but if you are clear of what would be desirable than you can start to move towards to it. Nothing happens overnight, it used to happen in a period of years. You should start from where you are, even it takes a while to get there.

[47:23] As an area for those who are wondering of where should you start, I guess it would be where do you have the need, where do you want the progress, which takes us to where to begin with, so if you are looking to investing in yourself, where do you need to. What is the most acute need that you need to grow right now, is it health and wellness, not that we can do in all areas, there should be a budget of money, so what is the area where need to start with.

[49:23] I am not looking the ways to increase my income, that is not the primary focus at all, I am looking for the ways to be more impeccable, ways to serve people more effectively, doing what I do, helping people find their passion, and live that out which is meaningful. But I know in doing that money used to show in everyplace. If I can do better what my purpose is money is going to show up in the ways that I can’t even expected.

[50:41] If you have one area and you are struggling to it, it is like a wheel which terribly out of balance. It is not pleasant and it is not good enjoyable at all.

[53:03] Give us some help on that of looking at where are some viable ways to look at the time investment that come along with it, do you see some just like 3%, 5%; are these relevant percentage, like if you want to be succeeded you need to invest that percentage for that certain amount of time.

[54:35] I spent at least two hours a day just in the reading, listening category. There are other things I don’t count like going to conference and others but just this category, because I see the possible returns of doing that in my own life.

[54:55] The reason I continue to go to conferences is not to get the new content or new knowledge but to rub shoulders to people who are also in the same path I am on. So I get to spent the time with them. Because spending the time with them keep me motivated. But just to knowing that we are in this path together. So choose carefully the people whom you will share your goals with.