This is a literal question Dr. James poses to his new patients, simply asking them, “So next year is your goal to be in the Olympics or a nursing home?” While the question sounds facetious it brings up the most important ingredient for our health; our end goal. What DO you want? Most people respond with wanting to get rid of an ache or pain, losing weight, increasing energy, or alleviating an acute chronic illness or disease. Understandable, but behind that desire is another question with a root answer – Why? Therein lies the bigger motivator. You want to get rid of the aches in my knees so you can hike again and enjoy the outdoors you love and be with family and friends. You want more energy because you can’t fully be there for your family. You need to alleviate brain fog because it’s threatening your work and income. Most everyone has an ultimate goal that goes beyond the ailment itself. In this episode we’ll discuss some of the root desires and why they are so important to clarify if they are to ever be achieved.