Nutritional supplements. Do we really need them? Have you taken some for months, spent a lot of money and never felt a difference? Us too. Traditional medicine doesn’t believe in them for the most part, and alternative practitioners routinely, way overdo them. Look, they are called supplements because they are intended to be just that…supplemental. If you had a perfect diet and perfect health, nobody would need them. It’s like exercise, if our days always included lots of movement and effort we’d never need to exercise. However most of us have work that only requires a butt to sit on. Supplements can be incredibly helpful to deal with deficits in our systems. Maybe we only need them temporarily, some we may need long term. But not all supplements are made the same, and nobody can utilize 50 pills a day. And of course, not everybody needs the same ones! Just because a magnesium supplement or B12 changed your buddy’s life, doesn’t mean you have the same need or deficit! It’s individual. In this episode I believe you’ll hear information that will take some of the doubt, frustration, and confusion away. For most of you, it should help save you money, hassle, and increase the efficacy of any supplements you choose to partake of. I will say, my co host Dr James is a believer in supplements, but quite a minimalist.