We are only as strong as our level of recovery. Daily there are things we do, with sleep being paramount. A form of meditation is another. But here is a key point, there are many things we do and pursue relief. Kicking the shoes off at the end of the day. Watching a game or binge-watching a show. Reading a novel. Eating out. But do we ever finish these things and feel renewed and refreshed? Do we stand up, stretch our arms and say, “Man, do I feel great now!” Not usually. How about vacation? Do you generally feel refreshed when you return, especially those of us with kids? Or do you feel inspired by some good experiences, but fairly exhausted, needing a vacation from your vacation? So when do we find actual renewal that truly strengthens us for the long haul? Or as you’ll hear Dr. Randy James talk about, how do you go about  The HARD work of true relaxation? This is a significant part of the self-care you need an understanding of and permission for if you are going to get closer to functioning at your full capacity!