There is a growing threat to all our efforts to progress in our lives. As we strive for success in our business, career, finances, relationships, and overall impact in the world, something is sabotaging our efforts. All we strive to do, all our goals and accomplishments and achievements comes from our physical and mental self. There is a grand and growing myth that you can get brilliance out of your mind and brain even if your body is Jabba the Hut. It’s a myth. And show me someone who is unwell and still producing great works and I’ll show you someone who could be producing even greater works. If you are walking slower up the stairs, your brain is functioning slower as well. But what does all this mean? What should you be doing? If you’re not out to be an athlete, lose weight, gain muscle or try out for a modeling gig, then what do you need to do for your physical and mental well being in order to be getting all you need from yourself? Join personal development researcher Kevin Miller, well-known host of the top ranked podcast, The Ziglar Show, and co-host, Randy James, Medical doctor and functional medicine specialist.