We’re incredibly honored to have you on The Ziglar Show! We want to bring our audience the best personalities in Personal Development and Inspiration. Thank you for doing what you do.


Please download this pdf, review and sign to confirm you understand the needs of our three-part interview with you!

1.MAIN INTERVIEW | part 1 | 45 minutes

The focus of The Ziglar Show is “Inspiring True Performance”. The interviews are geared toward Inspiration/Motivation/Encouragement.

Zig Ziglar was a devout and outspoken Christian. A majority of the Ziglar audience is as well. While Zig communed with, respected, supported and even partnered with people of all faiths, we strive to uphold or at least not violate the Christian and conservative principals and beliefs in our show content.

  • The focus is your primary message, from your book or show or platform
  • Once we get through the main interview, we’ll start the next section.


2.HABITS | part 2 | 15 minutes

We talk through the 7 spokes of The Ziglar Wheel of Life and what your daily/consistent habits of success are in each area:

  1. Physical
  2. Family
  3. Mental
  4. Financial
  5. Spiritual
  6. Career
  7. Personal


We will conduct the interview using Zoom, and will send a link to you prior to the interview.

  • Audio & Video – We record audio for the podcast and video for our social profiles.
  • Headphones – It’s important that we eliminate any un-wanted feedback from the audio on your computer.
  • Wired Internet – If at all possible, have wired, high speed internet. If wireless, please be sure you have a strong signal and fast upload speed.
  • Lighting – For video, bright light in front of you, not in back of you, is key.
  • Microphone – Using an external mic, even if it’s from ear buds with a speaker, gives clearer audio and reduces echo.


BOOK – If you have a book we are using as a focal point, please send copies to:

Kevin Miller – Show Host
403 S Baldwin Street
Woodland Park, CO 80863


If you have a message you want us to focus on that is audio or video, please upload or provide the link in the from below.


Please provide ASAP and at the latest, two weeks prior to the show.

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