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564: Relationship building activities

Zig Ziglar on stage! This is a four-minute clip around a personal story from Zig on what creates strong relationships. From it, I posted this question on Facebook: “What activities and experiences do you invest in for the health of the meaningful relationships in your...

Meetings. PowerPoint presentations. On stage talks, whether you are a pastor, presenter, or teacher. Selling. Anytime you are speaking and want people to really listen and be engaged. Chances are, you’re doing it wrong. Or, you could do it better. Jared Cooney Horvath is a cognitive neuroscientist with a master’s degree from Harvard University and his doctorate from the University of Melbourne. His muse, however, in the workplace. It’s selling and communicating and he walks us through what is normally done and why it’s so ineffective. He brilliantly lays out what the brain does when we talk while showing text, and we can only follow one, not both. He tells us why images add so much, but how many? Truly, folks, this will resonate with you right off the bat and give you tremendous tips on what to do and what not to do in your next presentation of any type. It’s why he’s been featured in The New York Times, PBS, BBC, The Economist, New Scientist, and ABC’s Catalyst.  I shared this Jared’s book with a doctor and she responded that she stayed up late and totally reworked the presentation she was doing at a conference the next day. I’m prepping for a keynote speaking engagement overseas and following along with Jared’s counsel to structure the entire talk. The book is “Stop Talking, Start Influencing: 12 Messages from Brain Science to Make Your Message Stick” and it’s our focus of this episode. Find it on Amazon or wherever you buy books!