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564: Relationship building activities

Zig Ziglar on stage! This is a four-minute clip around a personal story from Zig on what creates strong relationships. From it, I posted this question on Facebook: “What activities and experiences do you invest in for the health of the meaningful relationships in your...

You have a daily routine. Everyone does. Every day you generally go about the same tasks and functions. Your world will dramatically change for the better from making slight adjustments in your daily routine. Coming off of show 713 where I got to the root of healthy habits, in this show Tom Ziglar and I talk about the power is making at least a small investment in every spoke on the Ziglar Wheel of Life. Often you can combine a spoke. And doing a five-minute workout or a three-minute devotional will keep your positive inertia going. “Falling off the wagon” or “losing momentum” is a death knell for most people, as when we fall behind it can feel overwhelming to make up the deficit. Sometimes it’s unavoidable, but most often we have the ability to at least make a small contribution that can keep us moving forward. This was the main focus of this show, though I also posted this question to the Ziglar audience and Tom and I reviewed a handful of comments, “In the 7 spokes on the Ziglar Wheel of Life, which areas do you have a plan you consistently fulfill?” It was from the comments we were drawn to the power of even small, positive investments in your daily routine.