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564: Relationship building activities

Zig Ziglar on stage! This is a four-minute clip around a personal story from Zig on what creates strong relationships. From it, I posted this question on Facebook: “What activities and experiences do you invest in for the health of the meaningful relationships in your...

I’m going to give you five key points and you are going to either be massively educated, or you’ll hear them and say, “Yes! Where did these skills go because I wish everyone had them!” I don’t know how cities of old got…lost. How does that happen? Well in a much bigger mystery, how did the primary skills of success get lost, cause they have been. But you can get them, now. Or if you have them, you can send this show to others who you know need them. Like your kids or a millennial or…you’ll know someone. Give them the gift of awareness for success and security in their work. And I won’t hold out on you, here they are: 1) Do more than expected, 2) Be intuitive, 3) Take initiative, 4) Learn people skills , 5) Ask questions. I’ll break them down quickly and concisely.