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The True Life Show

Join personal development expert Kevin Miller (host of The Ziglar Show) and Functional Medicine M.D. Randy James as they dispel the myths and construct the solid framework you need to be aware of to take hold of that which is truly life.

Latest True Life Show Episodes:

13: Your personal relationships are likely making or breaking you

In this episode, we finish out the four foundational pillars of Functional Medicine with the third episode on Relationships. In episode 11 we talked about the vital relationship between your body and mind. In episode 12, the relationship you have with yourself and the world through hope and purpose, faith in essence. Here then we land on your relationship with - other people.

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11: How your body gets derailed by your mind (and vice versa)

The fourth pillar of getting you well is dealing with Relationships, and your foundational relationship is between your body and your mind. We hear plenty about “body and mind” connection but very little that we actually understand how to apply to our everyday lives. We continue to see people pursuing health in their bodies but being derailed by issues of the mind.

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10: The hard work of true relaxation and renewal

We are only as strong as our level of recovery. Daily there are things we do, with sleep being paramount. A form of meditation is another. But here is a key point, there are many things we do and pursue for relief. Kicking the shoes off at the end of the day. Watching a game or binge watching a show. Reading a novel. Eating out. But do we ever finish these things and feel renewed and refreshed?

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9: How to best recharge in order to improve your performance tomorrow

You are listening to this show because you want to improve yourself. You want to grow and improve and progress and achieve more. And you want to You are a doer, or an aspiring doer. As such, the topic of “sleep” is not thrilling. Or maybe it’s just me...when I’m sleeping, I don’t feel I’m getting anything accomplished. It feels like wasted time.

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8: Increase your capacity for daily output

Your daily output is in essence, your work. All of it. The daily tasks and duties in which you exert yourself to fulfill. Personal maintenance, parenting, your job or schooling, relationships, home and life maintenance...everything. Your capacity for daily output is finite, even though we like to think of ourselves as needing to be limitless.

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