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The True Life Show

Join personal development expert Kevin Miller (host of The Ziglar Show) and Functional Medicine M.D. Randy James as they dispel the myths and construct the solid framework you need to be aware of to take hold of that which is truly life.

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4: Control your direction by controlling your visual input

What you look at is where you go. As we continue with the first pillar of overall physiological and psychological health and wellness, following the structure of Functional Medicine with Kevin Miller and Randy James, MD, we are talking about INPUT.

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3: The framework for what you should and should not put in your mouth

To be fully well, or as well as one can possibly be, takes four key pillars. The first is the input into your body, which comes through your senses. In this show we focus on oral. Your mouth. As you’ll hear the good doctor say, so much of our lack of wellness can be tracked to, “What are we putting in our body that it doesn’t want, and what are we not putting in our body that it needs?”

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2: What is the best, “whole”-istic success plan for your life?

What is a best plan for your life? There is one, but it is personal and it must be comprehensive. Nobody can tell you the exacts and specifics, but we can absolutely help you with the framework.

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1: Let’s get you fully functional to rock your work and life

There is a growing threat to all our efforts to progress in our lives. As we strive for success in our business, career, finances, relationships, and overall impact in the world, something is sabotaging our efforts. All we strive to do, all our goals and accomplishments and achievements comes from our physical and mental self.

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