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The True Life Show

Join personal development expert Kevin Miller (host of The Ziglar Show) and Functional Medicine M.D. Randy James as they dispel the myths and construct the solid framework you need to be aware of to take hold of that which is truly life.

Latest True Life Show Episodes:

27: Parenting wellness

It’s hard enough to motivate and instigate our own good health, much less our kids. Toilet training, room cleaning, doing homework, and more are pain enough. Getting kids to eat and live healthy is another level of effort. But then, what is our goal? What do we want for our kids? What responsibility do we take for their well being?

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26: Upgrading our appetites

We are human beings and as such we are slaves to our appetites. We are and we will continue to be. You don’t have great self-discipline and will power and a higher calling and leave your appetites behind. You just upgrade them.

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25: What motive keeps you pursuing your health?

What we know is subservient to why we do it. The knowledge of what creates health is worthless if we don’t take the necessary, daily actions on that knowledge. So I wanted to hear from the True Life audience. I asked them this question, “For all my health, wellness, and fitness minded friends, what is the primary motive (reason) that drives you to stick with your healthy lifestyle plan?”

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24: Overcoming cultural resistance

What is the biggest obstacle to achieving the level of health, wellness, and fitness you desire and achieving the energy and vitality to fulfill all your pursuits? What if it’s a culprit you aren’t even aware of? What if it’s not your willpower and knowledge and time? Friends, a very real and present danger and hindrance is bigger than you. It is the culture we live in.

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23: What labs, tests, diagnostics, and measurements are worthwhile?

To know what is really going on under the hood of our physical health we can utilize cutting edge labs and tools. However, just like with supplements, you can get overwhelmed under a sea of tests and costs. So what labs and tests are worthwhile? As with all things Functional Medicine, it’s very personalized, but we strive to do the topic justice and give you some understanding of what to look for.

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