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The True Life Show

Join personal development expert Kevin Miller (host of The Ziglar Show) and Functional Medicine M.D. Randy James as they dispel the myths and construct the solid framework you need to be aware of to take hold of that which is truly life.

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20: What you track, you improve

You have heard about certain colors or designs of clothes cause you to lose and immediate 10 lbs, right? At least by perspective. Well, we don’t believe in “hacks”, but this is as close to a health hack as anything we would ever claim. The simple act of tracking certain aspects of your daily life will literally result in bettering your health and wellness. It’s simple psychology.

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19: Extreme living, social pressure, and courage

“Extreme living.” This is what people who live with different health habits than the norm often get labeled. If you don’t partake of the office pizza or the church donuts or the family potlock and you go for a run during your lunch break or play tennis on your date instead of seeing a movie, you’re a “health nut.” Like you’ve joined a new religion.

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18: Are supplements really necessary?

Nutritional supplements. Do we really need them? Have you taken some for months, spent a lot of money and never felt a difference? Us too. Traditional medicine doesn’t believe in them for the most part, and alternative practitioners routinely, way overdo them. Look, they are called supplements because they are intended to be just that...supplemental.

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17: The high cost to be healthy

Cost is one of the primary deterrents for healthy living and non-traditional medical care. Buying whole foods, nutritional supplements, exercising, and seeking alternative health care simply costs more money and can often lead us to minimizing or abandoning the effort altogether. Then there is time expense of working out every day and grocery shopping for fresh food and cooking and cleaning.

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16: Is your health your fault?

Not all of it, but here is the deal, you will actually want to say “Yes!” after hearing this show. Please hear, this is not a blame session, it’s about hope. In a recent discussion with a renowned neurosurgeon he cited better patient outcomes when there is causality, or blame, to point to, as opposed to random factors outside of our control.

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