Everyone is doing it these days, it seems. Meditation is losing its spiritual baggage and going mainstream as the new exercise of today’s greatest leaders and influencers. If you listen to our Habits show you hear it over and over as a primary staple for our esteemed guest’s consistent strategies for success. So, of course, I wanted to ask you, the listening audience. Do any of you actually meditate? And why? What do you get out of it? Then I couldn’t help but ask the follow-up question: if you do NOT meditate…why not? We received more responses than I anticipated, I honestly didn’t expect so many people to claim to meditate, and here the specific benefits. I enhanced the conversation of course, by having Jonni Pollard himself co-host with me. Jonni is an international meditation expert and guru and in show 671 we talked directly about meditation and freeing ourselves from…ourselves. It was a fascinating conversation and was prompted by Michael Hyatt sharing that he used Jonni’s top-ranked meditation app, One Giant Mind, every day. It prompted me to finally give it a try. And…I’m trying! This is a show worth listening to so you can decide if you want to start meditating or decide it’s not for you.