4: Control your direction by controlling your visual input

What you look at is where you go. As we continue with the first pillar of overall physiological and psychological health and wellness, following the structure of Functional Medicine with Kevin Miller and Randy James, MD, we are talking about INPUT. The good and bad we...

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712: Find your motive or abandon the effort

Are you suffering from a desire you have but you aren’t making progress toward? Are you clear on why you want it? Why you REALLY want it. The truth is, most people are not. They have a list of wants and desires they think they should want and maybe actually do to a...

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710: How to fend off negative people

What do you do when confronted with a negative person? Whether they are just spouting negativity to or around you, or outright attacking you. Unless you live and work alone and are a veritable hermit, negative people are unavoidable. In this episode, I play an...

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