Highlights with Jordan Harbinger:

Social skills now versus past generations = building relationships. In a post-modern world, we are allowed to focus on and value networking, relationships, and rapport more than we used to.

Social/Emotional Intelligence goes far beyond technical ability: These are non-remedial skills that you use to excel in business relationships or in personal relationships.

“Soft skills,” or social skills and emotional intelligence, are important in all aspects and time-frames of your business.

Here’s the truth: we tend to stay away from things we aren’t good at.┬áIs there such thing as “not liking people”? or is it because feeling socially awkward is uncomfortable?

What is going on that is making people move away from you physically or metaphorically, or what is making people drawn towards you? It isn’t about a firm handshake, remembering all the right things, etc.

The key isn’t to layer onto your personality, but rather take away the insecurities and other hang-ups that you have, because that’s when you can be more authentic.

Starting point of social skills training:

  • Getting rid of the ego

How to redirect conversation:

  • Deflect, defer, and disclose

Creating and maintaining better relationships:

  • Systemize a way to connect one person of your network with another person in your network. Integrate a mindset into your life to routinely keep in contact and maintain your network.

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