I was talking about the hectic pace of my life as an entrepreneur and husband and father and my friend said, “So what are you showcasing to your kids? That being a businessman and father is hectic and frantic? Is that what you want them to think?” Well, that was incredibly convicting. It made me think about the rest of my life as well. In this show, I play a 1.5-minute clip from Zig Ziglar. He references how we greet each other, such as when husband and wife join back up at home after a day at work or out taking care of kids or running errands. The norm of humanity is to start into sharing what all went wrong. The negatives. And in doing so, what are we showcasing to our kids? Is this what leads them to an initial thought that work and parenting are negative? Why would they then look forward to it? From this, I asked this question on Facebook, “How do you showcase a positive outlook on life to others? Your family, coworkers, and friends?”. I had Tom Ziglar join me to talk through your responses. What came from the discussion as well, however, is simply what those attitudes do to us. A convicting show, for sure.