Your time, especially your personal time, has three components. The time you give to “I”, yourself, is vitally necessary. “We” time would be working together or parenting or the duties of life, even social engagements. “Us” is intentional, focused time on the relationship, like “date night”. This highlights the Relationship spoke on the Ziglar Wheel of life for Stephen & Mara Klemich, my guests from show 753 where we talked about the four principles of behavior that rule our lives. This is my first time going the Habits show with a couple and it was valuable to hear how they make room to accommodate differing habits to cater to their differing personalities. We also discussed Mara’s three bouts with cancer, the challenge of living up to their own message, and the reality that these authors and speakers are, as they say, “dreadful introverts.” I think you will enjoy and get much value from auditing this couple’s habits.