The keyword is, “learners”. But let us clarify that word. The definition is, “gain or acquire knowledge of or skill in (something) by study, experience, or being taught.” We hear a lot of things that we don’t actually learn. If you have heard the health value of not eating fast food and eating more home-cooked vegetables, but you are still eating fast food and your stove wouldn’t recognize a real vegetable, then you merely heard about it. You didn’t learn it. So leaders are gaining knowledge and actually applying it to their life. This was a key habit, my guest, Rick McDaniel shared here in our Habits episode. Rick was my guest in episode 749 where he revealed personal styles in 12 categories of life. His book, “You Got Style” I know have my family working through so we can better understand each other. I’m also doing it with my close business associates. Rick is the founder and senior pastor of the Richmond Community Church in Richmond, Virginia, and He is a regular contributor for and is a well-known speaker for Fortune 500 companies and faith audiences alike. You will gain much by walking through the seven spokes on The Ziglar Wheel of life and hearing Rick’s personal habits for success.