This is a license to invest in ourselves, not an admonishment. If you woke up to a brand new car in your driveway and a notecard that said, “From God”, you would be ecstatic and you would take care of that baby. What about your body? After letting his health go, Dr. Lee Warren committed to caring for himself and here in our habits show he stated, “Our body is a gift to us from the Creator.” He’s lost weight and increased his energy. It was a reminder that self-care is a priority instead of something left for after you try to care for everyone else. Dr. Warren was my guest in show 743 where we talked about the massive value and necessity of hope, something he knows well as a renowned neurosurgeon dealing daily with trauma and tragedy. Along with health, we walk through the other six spokes on the Ziglar Wheel of Life and you will be inspired by what a top doctor and author do to keep himself as well as possible. I highly encourage you to check out Dr. Warren’s new book, “I’ve Seen the End of You”, wherever you get books, you can pre-order now, as it comes out January 7, 2019. You can also connect with Dr. Warren at And make sure you check out the ‘Dr. Lee Warren’s podcast.