That headline itself is rife with controversy, but I think to any sane person it is a fully legitimate question we have all pondered. It is one thing to have a belief. It is another thing to expect that belief to change some of the hard circumstances of life. This show is going to acutely dig up this subject in real-life circumstances. I have with us, a neurosurgeon. Yes, a brain surgeon. One who sees massive trauma and generally knows the outcome right away. Yet as a Christian he believes God can heal anyone. But how do you pray and tell the patient or the patient’s family to pray, when he’s seen some diagnosis have a near 100% fatality rate? Leading him to grapple with, “God can heal this issue, but He doesn’t ever seem to.” Have you had, or do you have any circumstances in your life, where you struggle to see your faith making a difference? My guest is Lee Warren, MD. As an Iraq war veteran, he performed more than 200 surgeries in a tent hospital. From then and to this day he performs near-daily surgeries on everything from tumors to head wounds. He’s daily amongst despair and death, and hope and healing. Family tragedies and triumphs. Amongst it all, he lost his 19-year-old son and had to deal with his own grief and faith. His new book, “I’ve Seen the End of You” chronicles the stories of patients who rocked his faith. And let me say this, I study the books of each guest I have on the show, but I seldom read them word for word to the end. This one was like a novel that I kept wondering what would happen next and I read it cover to cover. I’ve shared it with my friends and family and now I share it with you. If you have ever, ever pondered your faith, please listen to this show. And if you want a book that will keep you enthralled, and quite possibly give you a new perspective on your personal faith…go check out ‘I’ve Seen the End of You’ wherever you get books, you can pre-order now, as it comes out January 7, 2019. You can also connect with Dr. Warren at And make sure you check out the ‘Dr. Lee Warren’ podcast.