We control our lives! Right? Actually, most of us struggle with many areas, such as getting enough sleep and exercise, curbing our appetite for tasty but unhealthy food, and investing in intimate relationships. A relatively new threat we are now finding the need to budget and put boundaries on is the communication and media portal of the worlds we now carry in our pockets – our smartphones. What started with text messages has now ballooned to over 2.2 million apps. Enough to keep your attention 24 hours a day. Though it’s just a handful of social media apps that command the lions share. The question is, how are you doing? Do you control your device time or is it controlling you? I went to the Ziglar audience and asked them, “Have you done anything to limit your smartphone usage? Have you found yourself being distracted by it?” Most cited steps they are taking to limit their time and many admitted to the struggle. It was inspiring to hear what some have gained back now that they’ve put limits on their phones. You’ll get some great ideas from this show on how you can better manage your smartphone usage, and what the positive pay off is!