In this episode, our topic is around an age-old cliche’. We hear a short story and message from Zig Ziglar that wraps up with him stating a core value for humanity is “How fast you get up after being knocked down”. I think I can safely assume everyone has heard this. If you’ve ever played football, I can guarantee it!

But do we take it to heart? Here’s the deal and point of this episode, if nothing hard happens to you, you aren’t stretching yourself more, you’re playing it safe. That’s your choice. But if you ARE striving, you will have some trials. Things that don’t work out for you. And you may very well be victimized, that can happen to anyone. The point isn’t staying in a bubble. It’s going out and at some point, getting your bubble burst. So the value, the valor, goes to how you recover. Do you get back up? Do you do it with hope and faith instead of bitterness and cynicism? Do you allow the trial to strengthen or weaken you?

So from Zig’s message, I posted this question:

“What is a failure you’ve had or valley you were in or trauma you’ve recovered from that you are proud of and better for? And what was the catalyst for your overcoming?