For our body and mind to be as well as possible, it’s imperative we daily move and stress our lungs and muscles. We must realize it is our culture today that requires us to “exercise”, as this concept was unnecessary for the majority of all time in humanity. Daily living used to require us engage in healthful movement. We fetched water from a stream or well and touted heavy buckets around. We walked or rode horses for long distances. We hunted animals and harvested food, then labored to cook meals from raw ingredients. And on and on. Only in recent times can we exist and survive for days on end without ever raising our heart rate or using our muscles for much more than lifting a fork to our mouths. Without proper good stress to our physical bodies, we atrophy. The great myth for those who are not necessarily concerned about physical strength, ability and well being is that our minds can fully function anyway. This is like expecting a beautiful flower to exist when the roots, body and leaves are neglected and malnourished. If your body is compromised, so is your brain and mind. Then the question is, what exercise is best for you. The answer…at least the framework of the answer, you’ll find in this episode of the True Life Show.