We asked Ziglar listeners this question, “In the past year, what is a bad habit you’ve stopped, and/or what is a good habit you’ve started? Then what have the results been?” Responses covered topics such as stopping bad diets, smoking, drinking, cursing, negative thinking and more. Plus starting good habits such as exercise, meditation, devotions, prayer and many cited getting new positive input. This is a primary message from Tom Ziglar’s new book, “Choose To Win,” so of course, I had Tom join me to talk through your responses. I’d put this show high on the inspiration list as you hear real people dealing with real issues and having real success, while also testifying that yes, the struggle is also…real. I found myself sharing a lot of my own challenges with habits, as did Tom. Speaking of Tom’s book, “Choose To Win”, we have a request. Will you go to Amazon and leave a review for the book? For the first 25 people who leave a review and email Tom personally at tom@ziglar.com, we have two things to offer – 1) Tom’s Choose To Win Little Book of Big Quotes, and 2) you get to ask Tom one question. Anything. And he’ll respond personally. So again, leave a review on Amazon, then email to tom@ziglar.com and let him know your username, and you’ll receive those two offerings. Thank you in advance!