Your greatest desire is the ability to do what you want and need to do. At the end of the day, nothing really matters if you are not well, in mind, body and soul. Would you accept a million dollars in cash today but give 50% of your wellness away? Of course not. Yet we often find ourselves pursuing careers, businesses, family and all progress in our lives at the sake of our overall wellness. The hard charging business exec or business owner or parent doesn’t have time for personal wellness, they are busy making millions and raising families! They’ll deal with themselves later. That is until they find themselves in enough pain or lacking in their performance to an unacceptable degree. But when we try to address our wellness, getting results from any effort seems to be more complex and elusive than ever. Those who attempt it so often just give up at some point. More and more in our culture we are accepting minimized body, mind and soul as normal. This is tragic. Well friends, there actually is a strategy I can offer you that works. A framework.  I’ve been involved with it for over four years now. It’s not a black and white, cookie cutter, specific answer. But a framework. Let me put it this way, no matter what type of house you want to build and live in, you must have a solid foundation that will support the structure. The makeup of foundations for homes is basically the same no matter what type of home you want to build. So what is the primary foundation for your wellness? OUr guest today is Dr. Randy James. Randy is a medical doctor, but far from the norm. His father, also an MD, was one of the early pioneers of what today we call Functional Medicine. Randy served as a doctor in the Air Force before starting in family practice in the states. From there he ultimately founded a new type of medical practice that focuses on the whole person, and their goals. This is not a promotion for his practice, True Life Medicine. It’s a relatively small practice that acts as his personal lab as he works with a finite amount of people. His bigger goal is to bring the framework to as many people as he can. This is what we are doing today.

Let me stress again here, our point is to equip you to get the most out of yourself. To be running on all cylinders. So that…you can achieve the things you desire in life. For disclosure Randy is the doctor for people like Dan Miller and Tom Ziglar! And myself. You can see him at And check out his alternative health insurance at