How do you rate your personal performance and what you think would most help it right now? We hear a message from Zig Ziglar where he discusses the roots of a bonsai tree vs a giant sequoia named General Sherman. And the reality of how we grow according to the room and resources we give our roots. From this, I asked the Ziglar audience a question. I invite you to join us in these weekly Q&A shows, just find and friend me on Facebook at agentkmiller. The question I asked was, “On a scale from 1 to 10, how would you rate your current personal performance? And what do you feel would most help it right now?” We got a load of comments from listeners who rated themselves from 9 to…zero. Some who were inspired and amped, some who were contemplating just throwing in the towel. I had Tom Ziglar join me to not only talk through the comments but offer guidance to those striving and struggling. This is a really value-packed show. We’ll kick off with a two-minute message from Zig, then dig into your comments with Tim Ziglar!