“Constraints” is not a word I’m fond of, but our guest today gave me a compelling reason to desire them! This is our Habits show, and our muse is best selling author and business leader, Michael Hyatt. Michael is my first repeat guest who had already done a Habits show with me, in show 517 if you want to check it out. So in this Habits show I asked him for two things, one, are there any updates to his healthy habits, anything new. He talked about his keto diet and intermittent fasting, and the hobbies of playing the Native American flute and taking up photography.  But goodness, did he give some significant counsel in each of the seven spokes on the Ziglar Wheel of Life. Really great guidance. I posed it as, “Michael, if you were on stage giving sage advice on the most beneficial habits for this spoke, what would they be.” As you saw in the title I gave this show, we got into the topic of “constraints” and their benefit. Think of…structure, boundaries, even guidelines. It’s what I benefited most from hearing…and I really believe YOU…will want to hear what he has to offer you! Again, don’t miss Michael’s new book that’s just been released, ‘Free To Focus”. Get it at michaelhyatt.com or wherever you buy books.

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