How does simply tracking your daily activities affect your overall success? It’s massive. As with most positive improvement, actually, all…the point is brain training. Trying to get our brains to make the right decisions, do what we truly want to do…so we’re all looking for ways to manage ourselves. So here with daily tracking, We’re not talking massive goals planning here, we’re dumbing it down to the ridiculously simple, that none of us can deny is easily possible. Anything in your life where you want health and success, if you will just make a daily note of what you did in that area, you will improve. Why? As you’ll hear in the show, it increases your awareness, accountability and motivation. Again, just simply…noting down what you did. Even if it’s…nothing. You’ll see it and it will give you conscious and subconscious fuel to do something, the next day. So I kick this discussion off with a clip from Zig Ziglar on this issue. The clip is not even a minute and a half and me quickly mentions how to increase your sales and weight loss! From the message I posted this question on my Facebook page – “In your goals and pursuits and growth, how are you measuring or tracking your progress and results?” Zig Ziglar’s son, CEO of Ziglar and my dear friend Tom Ziglar joined me to talk through all your comments. A quick disclosure, at the beginning of our discussion, Tom talks about the Ziglar Performance Planner as a resource for results tracking. And one of our listeners also mentioned it. It is one of the premier resources for this folks, and you can find it at in the Online Store under books. But again, I want to really highlight that our core focus today is the incredible value if you simply take a piece of paper you keep on your counter for the next week, and you track what you did or didn’t do in the key areas of your life where you want to experience…progress.