Zig gives us his perspective on what it means to not only get to the top, but go…over the top. This is a significant charge from Zig that comes from a meaningful personal experience in his life. It is a heart and paradigm change on success. From it, he gave us a list of 15 ideals that he believes are signs of being “over the top.” I took all 15 and posted them on Facebook, asking folks, “Where is your Achilles’ heel? Below are 15 points from Zig Ziglar. I’m sure many of you, like me, are doing well in many of these areas. I’m asking…which of the 15 do you feel you struggle with most? Don’t take too long; try to answer with your gut reaction. I’ll go first.” Tom Ziglar and I talked through all the responses and started off by sharing our own Achilles’ heels. You may be surprised to hear what Tom’s is.