Today we go through the habits of, well, if Zig Ziglar is the king of successful habits, then Tom Ziglar is the crown prince. Tom is renowned for answering a candid question, “What is the fastest way to success?” given to him on-stage at a presentation, with, “Replace a bad habit with a good habit.” Straightforward and radically profound.

So, today we talk through the seven spokes on the Ziglar Wheel of Life and hear Tom Ziglar’s daily habits for success. Such things as: he has reverted to a low-carb diet and his first meal of the day is lunch. He commits to seven hours of sleep per night, and feels it is what fuels his willpower. He writes one sentence per day to his daughter, his reflections, that he will be giving her at Christmas as a gift. Every day starts off with two chairs, one for him, one for God. He talks to God for one minute and listens for four! Then he fills his mind with uplifting material (big surprise here, eh?!). Transformation is his word for the year.