Guy Kawasaki talks about the daily habits that keep his life healthy physically, mentally, financially, relationally, spiritually, in his career, and personally.

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[00:22] Welcome to The Ziglar Show, where we inspire your true performance. I’m your host, Kevin Miller, and today we go behind the scenes with Guy Kawasaki, who we interviewed in our previous show, number 557. We follow the seven spokes of the Ziglar Wheel of Life and find out Guy’s challenges and habits in the seven spokes. Some highlights: as you heard in the main interview, he’s a huge surfing fan, and that’s the main thing he does to stay in shape. He’s resolved to not eat a French fry for three years or drink a Coke for two! Family vacations are a big priority for his family health. He’s a Christian, but doesn’t claim to be a great role model, and separates God from religion. He attributes his career success much to luck, but he admits to working very hard and working a lot. Connect with Guy at A note: at about the seven-minute mark you’ll hear a question in the interview coming from Izabella, who is an integral part of The Ziglar Show team and a huge fan of Guy.

[03:18] Here, then, I bring you our habits show with Guy Kawasaki!

[03:41] 1. Physical: Surfing is number one, two, three, and four. So, I’m either surfing or training for surfing. That’s all I ever do. Well, every year I make a resolution, so three years ago I resolved to never eat a French fry again. Over three years I have not eaten a French fry, believe it or not. And then a couple years ago I resolved to never drink a Coke, and so for well over two years I have not drunk — this is slightly squishy — I have not drunk an entire can. I have taken sips, I haven’t taken the entire can. If I could really get my act together, I would reduce, if not eliminate, carbs. But I’ve got to tell you, I think you know I’m Japanese American — how can you eliminate rice? And I just love rice and bread, and in all of this I don’t seem to be losing weight. My resolution this year was no more soda, nothing, not even diet soda, no more soda. So I’m becoming an iced tea addict. But no more soda.

[06:02] 2. Family: Well, no one does too much, but we spend a lot of time as a family. Obviously, surfing, we have a beach house so we spend a lot of time there; we still take family vacations. So we’re a party of six. The oldest is twenty-four, the next twenty-two; twenty-four, twenty-two, sixteen and twelve, and we still go on family vacations.  I think it is, you know, pretty cool. So we cherish those moments, you know, because someday the twenty-four, the twenty-three-year-old, they’ll be married or something and it will get a lot more complicated. I’m at the stage in life where work no longer defines me. There was a time when work defined me, it doesn’t define me anymore. So I take a break from surfing in my family to write, because that’s different than saying I take a break for writing or surfing, but my family…

[08:35] 3. Mental: I don’t like doing crossword puzzles or anything. I think I just never address myself. I am constantly creating content for social media. So, by definition, it means I need to be up on the pines, all the pines. I’m constantly reading, but I can’t tell you that I have, you know, set aside the specific time for mental gymnastics. And I know a professor of neurobiology or something, world-famous, and now I once asked him, “So, you know, do I do Sudoku, do I do crossword puzzles, do I do all this kind of stuff?” And he said, “The only scientific proof for keeping your brain active and good and all that is physical exercise.” So I said, “OK, I’ll just keep surfing.”

[15:29] 4. Financial: I have to say that I have a financial planner. I basically let him know his firm is going to do everything. I am not a trader, nor am I a stock broker, that’s not how I make money. So, I’m also not the kind of person who tries to maximize or optimize every decision. And there have been several times where, without a legal agreement, without a formal thing, without anything, I help people, and I said listen, if it works out help me back, or, you know, reward me, and they did it. Fundamentally, people are with me, people are good untilthey’re proven bad — at least twice. I give you two chances. And it’s just worked out. But, on the other hand, you know, I am the person who — I quit Apple twice, after I quit Apple twice, then Jobs approached me and asked me to take a position. I turned him down three times. I turned down the opportunity to interview for the CEO position on Yahoo. If you add those four decisions up, probably two and a half billion dollars. And I know you guys are associated with Zig Ziglar, and two and a half billion is not that much to you, but for most people it’s a lot of money.

[17:26] 5. Spiritual: I am a Christian. I believe in God, but I can’t tell you that, you know, I would be a good role model in that regard. I think today the church is in a very tricky place because some of its image has been corrupted by politicians. You know, it’s a tricky tricky thing. So, it’s almost like you have to separate God from religion today, it’s different, and still that’s kind of where I am. I don’t, certainly, I don’t hold myself up as a role model. And I may not hold myself, I may not have these, you know, particularly outstanding religious characteristics, but I really I think in terms of values, in terms of making the world a meritocracy, doing unto others as as I would have them do unto you, all those kinds of things are, I try to live up to those to the enth degree.

[19:23] 6. Career: More than anything I attribute my career tto two factors. One is luck. I was able to, you know, affiliate with a very good product and services. And the second thing is I work very hard. And I work constantly and hard so I don’t consider myself a visionary. I’m not a genius, I’m not particularly technical, I’m not because of that; it’s because there are people who are smarter than me, there are people who work harder than me. But there are not too many people who are smarter and work harder. I contribute my success to just being willing to pay the price.

[20:49] 7. Personal: So I’m a very transparent person and I surf for myself.

[21:43] Hey friends, that was just fun and inspiring. Again, connect with Guy at Coming up next in show 557 we hear almost three minutes from Zig Ziglar where he talks about maintaining the right mental attitude. It’s a powerful message. From it I asked on Facebook, “What do you do to correct your bad attitude?” Literally, when you get angry, frustrated, disappointed, sad…what do you do to overcome it?” I received possibly the most comments ever to any question we’ve posted…you’ll be greatly intrigued to hear what people shared. I talk through it with Tom Ziglar. Really powerful.