Physical: Exercise, don’t drink sugar, don’t eat sugar and cut back on portions.

Family: Spending time together as a family, instead of being busy as a family.

Mental: Exercise, sleep and silence.

Financial: Live below your means.

Spiritual: Always making this top priority and not just feeding the spiritual life when you feel like it.

Career: Not try to protect it, not letting it keep you from going on to the next thing.

Personal: This is the hardest spoke for Patrick. He usually just does the things that his kids want to do, but this is where he wants to grow and nurture his own passions in.

Show Transcription

[00:55] Welcome to The Ziglar Show, where we inspire your true performance. I’m your host Kevin Miller and today we’re back with Patrick Lencioni, after our main interview in show 549 on being the ideal team player. In this show we go behind the scenes with Patrick and follow his struggles and healthy habits following the Ziglar Wheel of Life. Some highlights:

[01:23] He’s a lifetime athlete but struggles with hip and knee issues. He’s cut way back on sugar, especially habits like downing a whole bag of red vines! His biggest family challenge is just too many activities. His mental regimen has three components, exercise, sleep and silence. He attends mass every day for half an hour and feels it’s the best thing he does all day. In his career he always wants to be taking some risks and not be found overprotecting the last, best thing. On the personal front, he’s terrible at taking time to do things he just enjoys and doesn’t nurture friendships enough. And he loves going to the movies. connect with Patrick at and find his new book “The Ideal Team Player” wherever you buy your books!

[02:15] OK folks, now I bring you…Patrick Lencioni!

[02:43] Physical: So I’ve had a challenge in that area. I was an athlete my whole life which sometimes is a problem because when competition stops a lot of athletes don’t continue but I was a runner and a football player and basketball and stuff but I am what I always decide I need to keep running. And so cardio was always very important to me. I’ve said since then learn for a few reasons that I need to do more muscle things and I need to exercise every day, I love the idea that you sweat every day because I can’t run anymore, right now I can’t because I have a hip issue and knee issues, I’m making myself to cardio stuff on it. The key to me is for my physical and emotional and mental go together because when I exercise I do much better. So I try to exercise four or five times a week, I’m also stretching a ton right now because I realize that I was shrinking. I mean I always thought that was just something about getting older but I wasn’t stretching and stretching makes me feel differently. So I have this chiropractor guy go to and all kinds of stuff and he’s like issues. So I’m recommitted not as an athlete but as a person to exercise stretching and physical activity.

[06:05] Family: I think the biggest challenge in society right now at least for our family and for a lot of others is activities are too many. And I always said we should home school, we should home school you know and you’ve done some home schooling and that’s not necessarily the only solution but I think it can be good more time spent together as a family is a good thing. And I honestly believe, I’m a believer in God and I believe in the devil, I think he wants our kids to be on more travel or water lacrosse teams you know just like even been busy. C.S. Lewis said in his book ‘The Screwtape Letters’ and just keep them busy, devils like just keep him busy. Don’t let him think about me and I’m realizing now it’s better if my sons aren’t planned year round everything and involved in every activity and that we just do things together. My kids love going to dinner with me and just talking and yet for years we didn’t have time to do that because we had to sign him up for this and run into this practice and it doesn’t pay off in the end. Frankly my kids are going to be professional athletes nor would I want them to after knowing professional athletes who have only one thing in their lives. So it’s cutting back on activities, spending more time at home with my kids, that’s the big family thing more time with my wife, just doing simple good things with her. So that’s my big family thing is spending more time together.

[08:03] Mental: I would say exercise, sleep and which I’m working on because it’s hard for me and then also silence. I mean you can’t be mentally healthy if you’re not sitting and thinking and not worrying, just kind of you know reflecting and being silent.

[08:38] Financial: So I am not just I’m not a detail oriented person and I always said the only reason to make good money is to and there’s many reasons to share it and to do good things but it’s to allow yourself not to fret over things because I’m really bad at details. So I think my wife and I going to she’s not going to details either I dare say she’s worse than I am she even said you know she and I are like the blind leading the blind. So what we decided to do is live below our means you know I mean like to be and I would say we are pound wise and penny foolish. What I mean is we try we don’t do big things like we don’t go, we like people like you should get a second house and like Holloway like no we don’t really need that but if we have if we forget where we put something we have to buy another we’re not going to fret over that. But we’re not going to extend ourselves so that we’re putting ourselves in danger.

[14:58] Spiritual: Yeah Zig probably keeps this last because it’s the most important which means we should do it first because if I’m not right here then all the other things are very difficult to maintain and don’t make sense. So for me being a non disciplined person Kevin, I’ve learned that I need to build in some discipline because even though I don’t feel like doing something in the moment that doesn’t mean it’s not the right thing. I mean St. Paul even said why do I do the things that aren’t good for me and don’t want to do the things that are good for me. So I go to Mass, I’m Catholic I go to mass almost every day which is so counter to my personality because that means I have to show up and do something and it’s a half hour of going to mass and it’s the best thing I do all day.

[17:06] Career: Well what I’m trying to do is not protected it I mean it’s like one of those things where I need to not worry about doing something. If I get too conservative about who I have to protect it then I won’t do that next thing because every time I do a next thing, it’s like what you might actually hurt the platform. Well it’s like well you can’t, you’ve got to trust got enough to risk it. So like I’m doing a whole bunch of new things and each new thing is bigger than what it got, what I thought I would ever do and each time I’m tempted to stop. So what I’m trying to do is be trusting and in work God is calling me and being bold enough to do it. So career for me is always taking some risk and not trying to overprotect the last thing.

[18:44] Personal: This is what I’m worst at, this is what I’m steady. As a dad and a husband and a business owner and the good news is a lot of the work I do does this. So when you when you’re working in an area so I’m not completely deprived but I know what I’m terrible at is doing something purely for enjoyment and there’s a place for that in life and I will always opt to do what my children enjoy because I love them. So it’s not like I’m living a miserable life, it’s glad I’m so very blessed but gosh I’m not good at saying I love doing this and so I’m just going to go do it and I realize my kids need to see me do stuff that I enjoy, so they don’t grow up thinking it’s all about other about you know that it’s all about work. So I have to say that I’m guilty of this one, I don’t nurture friendships enough, me and one of my best friends who lives in Colorado on the phone last night, we’re saying we value our friendship a lot we just don’t get to pour into it as much as we like and I don’t do a lot of activities like I love going to the movies. I always wanted to be a screenwriter and I thought when I grew up I take my kids in the movies they don’t even want to go anymore because they can watch things on Netflix and stream you know and if you’d asked me when I was a kid you want to go to movie I mean we care what it was like you know. So I should probably just go to the movies by myself a little bit more and and just spend time hanging out with friends talking. So I think I need to nurture my own passions a little bit but having said that I’m very blessed that I got things that passionate towards work and my family.

[21:01] That was a joy, hope you got value out of it. Again, connect with Patrick at and find his new book “The Ideal Team Player” wherever you buy your books! And folks, if you got value, the most valuable way to let us know is by leaving a review in iTunes. Coming up next in show 551 we hear a 2-minute message from Zig Ziglar where he shares a primary therapy a renowned counsellor uses with people who have borderline personality disorder. It’s a prescriptive diet of…positing thinking messages. From Zig’s message I asked on Facebook at agentkmiller, where you’re welcome to friend me and join in the conversation, “What new knowledge has literally changed your way of thinking in the past year?” Incredible responses that my cohost Michelle Prince and I talked through. Till then…