Physical: Chris Ducker learned from burnout and back surgery about the balance of having a physically healthy life.

Family: Be together, and be present.

Mental: Do not compare yourself with anyone else and get enough sleep.

Financial: Budget! Spend, save and give.

Spirituality: Knowing that it’s more than just going to church every Sunday and as a family investing time and energy together into their spirituality.

Career: Putting importance into relationships, and continually learning.

Personal: Family time, spending time at home.

Show Transcription

[00:57] Welcome to The Ziglar Show, where we inspire your true performance. I’m your host Kevin Miller and today we are back with Chris Ducker. Don’t miss the main interview in show 546 where we talked about his journey and his just released book, “Rise of the Youpreneur” – The Definitive Guide to Becoming the Go-To Leader in Your Industry and Building a Future-Proof Business.

[01:28] Today we go behind the scenes with Chris and follow the 7 spokes in the Ziglar Wheel of Life. We find out what Chris struggles with, and the healthy habits he employs to overcome them. Some highlights…He’s one of the few brits who doesn’t like football, he’s an NBA fan! Bostin Celtics specifically. He doesn’t like exercise but does it to be around a long time for his kids. He reads to his kids every night and makes pancakes and bacon for them every Saturday. He believes in Create recurring moments and lessons. His best mental exercise is…getting enough sleep, and a great tip I got from him is, he doesn’t look at email till noon and saves the morning for creative work. His best career advice is understanding the importance of relationships, people should be treasured, not used.

[02:24] So let’s get right to it, here I bring you Chris Ducker!

[03:03] 1. Physical: I mean I’ve as a younger guy I was always very very active. I would ride bikes every single day to school, to work. I would play basketball, I discovered basketball when I was twelve years old, wasn’t much of a football fan which is strange I know but it became a big Boston Celtics fan in the mid to late eighty’s Thank you Larry Bird for showing me the way. And was always very physical was always very fit and healthy but then I like you kind of in a pretty face there, I burn out in late 2009 and you know I was always very very active up to the point but I discovered the once I had burnt out and I’d recovered from that actually for some reason I just wasn’t that motivated quite frankly to exercise. And although I recovered from the burn out it wasn’t actually until two years later like you said in the main interview where I needed back surgery and you know the the surgeon that did the procedural me was like you know you have to lose a little bit a weight, you have to get active again because you’re not active enough. You have to move around, you go to move your body etc. And so it was basically mid 2012 when I really became rather active again, my wife is a yoga teacher. She’s a certified instructor and so she said you know you really should start doing yoga and I’m like yoga, yu know laying on a mat in a room full of sweaty people is just not my thing. So she was just come, you must come you’ve got a movie body you know and obviously Ike any good husband I listen to my wife and I’m glad I did it, because although the first few sessions were pretty gruelling by the way if you’ve never done yoga before you have not had a workout. I’m telling you now, I dare anyone to get onto a yoga mat and not sweat more than they ever sweated in their life in one hour, I guarantee it.

[06:28] 2. Family: I think that you know this is the thing in this day and age we are more connected than ever before as a human race, yet we’ve never been more disconnected at the very very same time. And so you know those little things like the devices the funds, the iPads nothing we don’t have those lying around in our family time. We just don’t do it, the only time my kid ever gets a hold of a phone or an iPad is when I’m on an airplane. So you know I think genuinely just on number one focus is a family actually is just being there for each other in every white shape and form. And so it’s important for me to read to my kids every night, it’s important for me on a Saturday morning when everything’s not so crazy in the morning with school and things like that it’s important for me to we do it with every single Saturday we do pancakes and bacon every Saturday. I may combine cakes with bacon and so you know it’s these a little I think what we’ve tried to create recurring moments, recurring lessons as a family and it’s everything from you know being there and reading together and traveling together you know just being present as much as possible in every way shape or form.

[08:42] 3. Mental: Well the one thing I don’t do is I don’t compare myself with anyone ever, it’s not my thing. I think the whole impost the syndrome thing physically for anybody doing business online is sometimes something that becomes an issue you know we’re searching through our social media news feed on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram or whatever and it’s hard sometimes to not compare yourself with these other people that just seem to be doing so much better than you right, all that but now so much more content. All the content is such higher quality and some of the video on all this stuff, I don’t do it, I don’t buy into any of it and any weight, shape or form. I work hard to put out the content that I put out and I were called to run until the businesses that I run and builds and the people who know me and trust me will understand and know appreciate it. I don’t allow myself to get kind of you know wraps up the whole thing but the big things for me from a mental perspective actually and I made this change from about two or three years ago was to genuinely actually get enough sleep every night. For me that was huge and it getting enough sleep because I’d struggle with sleep for years and years and years and getting enough sleep I need around about seven hours each night for me to do that it means I have to go to bed at the same time, every single night means I’ve you know I’ve got to be in a cold a room I mean all these things I’ve discovered a dark room you know no T.V. in our bedroom, in this house and all these other little bits and pieces it’s all being very very influential my mental states and that allows me to get more work done. I don’t check email until noon every day and so I get all my creative work done first all the stuff that I know people need from me even more than an email reply and the mental side of things never been stronger than it is today.

 [12:25] 4. Financial: I have had struggles before in the past, in my early twenty’s I was quite heavily in debt. And you know worked my way out of them now quite frankly we as a family we have a budget every single month that is literally on a piece of paper and we know exactly where we’re going to be spending while and even though financially I can mourn enough afford to go away beyond that if I want to, we stay within the budget, we save a certain amount every month we enjoyed a little bit every month as well, we take regular family trips. And obviously if I want to treat myself to a nice bottle of single malts when I’m visiting Scotland, I will do so but you know generally speaking man you know what I make is but it’s put back into the business, it’s donated there are a lot of charity stuff and I just I believe in the power of just budgeting and giving back and that’s kind of what we focus on.

[14:29] 5. Spiritual: I mean you know I was born and raised as a Catholic on I’m still following the Catholic faith to this day and you know we it goes for us, it goes beyond just going to church every Sunday although we do that you know it’s present time it’s prayers for meals and it’s genuinely just you know following the Way of God and what he’s all about and what it means to be a good decent human being that loves his fellow man. And I’m a big believer that you know we can get wraps up in the world if we walk, we can get wrapped up in the heights and all that sort of side of things if we want but I believe that it’s my faith and my beliefs that stop me from doing that and I want to inspire my children and those around me to you know to do likewise as much as I possibly can. And I’m not one of those people that kind of forces my faith on other people I don’t I don’t do that, I’m not out there kind of preaching or anything like that but if anybody asks I’m quite happy to talk about my love of God and what he’s goal to my life. And so it’s something that I really want to you know pass on to my children. My mother did a great job and doing it with me and my brother although my brother later on in life unfortunately you know kind of decided it wasn’t ready for him all that much anymore, I have continued to be a big follower and believer in God’s word. So it’s just something that’s very close to my heart.

[18:05] 6. Career: There’s two things really for me that have being what I believe you know we could you know we talk about you know Zig’s wheel of life and the seven spokes on. If I had two spokes in my career, they would be you know number one on the standing the importance of relationships. I think that relationships should be treasured not used. I’m a big believer of that you know again in the online business world everybody wants the affiliate deal, everybody wants your email list, everyone wants to have that short cut and all that sort of thing that’s really not my vibe at all. The people that I come into contact with all either get them straight away and they’ll get me and we’ll have a lifelong relationship, some of those relationships will be closer than others obviously but I truly believe that people do business with me before they ever do business with any of my companies. I’m a big believer of that so relationships are key number one. Number two would actually be the never ending cycle of learning. I love to read, I love to learn, I go to conferences for I’m not a speaker which although it’s becoming less and less thank God on that side of things in regards to getting all these great invites to go everywhere and speak but I still attend conferences from time to time where I’m not speaking because I want to go it alone genuinely. I love surrounding myself with people that are smarter than me which is you know why I became great friends with your dad and your mom and you know but I’m a big believer in, as a leader I believe I must continue to learn in order to lead effectively into the future and so I’m a big believer of learning.

[20:40] 7. Personal: You know for me my joy in my life is my family and we got back to number two right in the life my family. I am very blessed, very honoured and lucky to have married my best friends and all these years later she’s still my best friend. I love my wife with all my heart and so my children are the oxygen that I breathe quite frankly every single day. I’m never happier then when I’m just at home, I’m a homebody and sitting watching a movie with my kids or building a Lego set we’re big Lego fans in this family off but more Lego in this building right now than you probably have in your entire neighbourhood quite frankly you know and we go out on wood but it’s serious but I mean like we we block time. I’m a big believer in you know just enjoying you know enjoying a nice all the single moment from time to time, not at one night obviously. And surrounded myself with great friends and you know that there’s nothing more that I like to do than just to have great conversations with great people that for me is a is a big thing for me.

[27:50] OK friends, I know 95% of our audience is hungering for pancakes and bacon now. Again, connect wtih Chris and get his book “Rise of the Youpreneur” – The Definitive Guide to Becoming the Go-To Leader in Your Industry and Building a Future-Proof Business.  At Coming up next in show 548 we listened to a two-minute clip from Zig on dealing with hardships in our past…overcoming them and progressing on to success. From the clip i posted on my agentkmiller Facebook page, this question, “What is something bad or challenging from your past that handicapped you, but you have finally overcome?” And if you have something that is still handicapping you and you’re struggling to overcome it, please share as well.” as always, tremendous comments that Michelle prince and I walked through. Join us, and till then thank you for letting us walk you today as we inspire our true performance.