Mandy has Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, which means its vital that she works out so that her ligaments and joints are kept healthy.



Spending intentional, undistracted time with family (technology free)



Working on musical growth, and using it as a break



Do not buy things that you do not need.



Scheduling the time to connect spiritually and disconnecting from what is needed from you



Creating boundaries for where you put your energy.



Going fishing, ballroom dancing, and working out!

Show Transcription

[01:05] Welcome to The Ziglar Show, where we inspire your true performance. I’m your host Kevin Miller and today we go behind the scenes with Mandy Harvey to hear her daily habits for success, following the 7 spokes in the Ziglar Wheel of Life. Please don’t miss our main interview with her in the last show, # 543. Some highlights coming up: To battle her connective tissue disorder and resulting bad joints and ligaments, she must work out 60 minutes per day to gain muscle. She travels so much right now she’s often only home 4 days a month, so she has to be ultra intentional in scheduling time with friends and family. She works on her music 40-70 hours per week. Her faith is the most important thing in her life but with her schedule and pace she struggles to spend time in her bible and at church. The pace has often had her only sleeping 4 hours per night so she’s really had to dig into time management. Personally, she loves fishing and calls her family “grocery fishermen” because they fish to eat. Again, just super, super interesting and inspiring. Connect with Mandy at

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[02:49] Here then I bring you….Mandy Harvey!

[03:18] Physical: For me because I haven’t connected to tissue disorder, I have E.D.S. type three, it is crucial that I work out. I have very bad joints in ligaments and so I need to build up as much muscle as possible. So I make a point every day to work out at least sixty Minutes and for me it’s not because when I look good in my jeans Oh or anything like that it’s purely so that I don’t fall apart faster than I need to. I’m holding off on as many surgeries as possible for as long as possible by going slow and taking my time but also making sure that I actively work on my body.

[04:24] Family: That’s a tough one you know because I’m gone, I’m probably home in my state of Florida maybe four days a month right now. It’s a very difficult to really keep you alive. I make a point to video phone and suits or conference with people every day but when I’m home, I’m home and I shut my phone off and I turn it off and I sometimes will turn it off and just leave it in a box that I can’t get into. And I spend undistracted time with my family when I’m home. So it’s it’s difficult right now, they’re all very aware that I’m running and that I’m checking really hard and so it’s also about creating expectations for them and for me saying this is my schedule being very transparent, this is where I am, this is where I’m going to be performing and then they are aware that during certain chunks of time I won’t be answering those text messages on a timely basis and they are not upset with me because they know why.

[05:56] Mental: For my mental sharpness I work on music, I work on music forty to seventy hours a week. So I’m constantly trying to learn new songs and not just work on my own but that’s kind of like my mental exercises is getting sheet music of new songs that people will send me or bands will send me that they want me to learn. So I pull up the sheet nice sheet music and I get my guitar tuners and my visual tuners out and I play through the song and sight read and work on other material. So for me that’s my good mental exercise and it gives me a moment to breathe and not have to work on my own stuff sometimes you just need a break from the things that you’re doing, that you’re passionate about and be they can lose their passion. Sometimes if you feel like you’re hyper focusing on them they get frustrating. So it’s nice to be able to walk away from a song that I’m working on and work on something that I don’t have to really do as much grinds to and then go back to it later.

[07:33] Financial: I am always been one of those people who can turn a nickel into a dime. One of the many reasons of why that is I don’t buy things I don’t need simple. I’ve gotten to a point now where I need different and so I’m very purposeful about what I’m getting and I am not just throwing cash up at different places I think. I make a budget I follow it and you know my mom uses why now which is you need a budget it’s a computer program or there’s a couple of other things that you could do to manage things, but for me I just I don’t buy things I don’t need.

[08:36] Spiritual: That one is one kind of changes and more says I go along. I am very blessed that I have family and my life that are it’s very close to me also of the similar mind-set and faith as me, so they kind of keep me in check but I fall in pray I guess a little bit to not reading my Bible and not going to Sunday services mostly because I get really busy and sometimes it feels like laborious suit carve out that much time to go and do those kinds of things. But I’ve also found that taking that time and scheduling it, it’s been quite a blessing because it’s a time for me to disconnect to not think about myself, not think about what I’m doing and just focus on something else and focus on something that’s feeding my soul. I mean at the end of the day for me my spirituality is a huge aspect and probably the most important thing of my life and I need to pay more attention to it. So I schedule time and I pray for the day and I am surrounding myself with people who are of similar mind-set to who pray for me and if you know it’s every day more and I’ve been aiming to get better at it.

[11:40] Career: It’s been tough you know everybody’s cold that must be really difficult to have all those people paying attention to you but I sleep maybe four hours a day and I work constantly and I have been going so hard for so long this year that I kind of lose myself in like which way is up. And so for all the things that has been going on I need it to create new systems create different protocols, spreadsheets, calendars employ other people to help me with all of the back in stuff, I’ve got booking agents and managers and people who help me with certain day to day aspects of things but for the career aspects it’s all about time management and organization. I have been going so hard for so long and I had a conversation with my dad who’s a genius, I can’t even describe how smart and helpful my dad is and he says that the best career the people who go the farthest, the ones who are the most successful live on an eighty twenty clan you know eighty percent work twenty percent disconnect and not and right now and for the last maybe nine months I’ve been at it like ninety nine to one on plan and I am having to realize that sometimes it’s better to say no and to not get sick and to sleep and to give yourself time to heal so that you can be one hundred percent for the things that you’re doing and do a better job and have a career instead of a short burst. So for me it’s finding a time management balance for creating at least believed in ninety ten you know where I have ten percent of the time when I’m not working, I’m not working so that I can recharge my battery.

[14:32] Personal: Oh man fishing, I go fishing with my famil.y I’m not a catch and release kind of person on the grocery Fisher. So we like to go cast netting where we catch a bunch of fish, we’ve processed them, can it and have fish fries for the whole family you know like very much filling my entire pantry with fish. So I like to go fishing, I’m taking ballroom dance classes for the first time which is a lot of fun and like I said I do work out for my health but I thoroughly enjoy working out certain aspects of it as well. So for me doing Cross Fit though everything is modified because of my E.T.S.. I love it, I can’t get enough. And so fishing number one, sleep would be great but I know I love fishing, I love dancing, I love being outside kayaking anything that I can do that is explore. I’m there it during my one percent of my life that I can do that stuff.

[17:16] Friends, she just inspires me! Again, connect with Mandy at and you can find her in Spotify as well. OK, coming up next in show 545 we listen to a two minutes clip from the man, Zig Ziglar, on the motivation to do a better job than average. He tells a very personal story from his youth that helped chart his course to success. From the message I asked on my agentkmiller Facebook page, “What has inspired you, now and/or in the past, to do a better than average job?” As always, incredible responses that you will resonate with and be inspired by and a really eye opening conversation with my co host Michelle Prince as we talk through the comments. I again compiled them into categories, 7 actually, and we talk through to the most popular answer. Till then folks…