Skip talks about the balanced, wholesome habits that keeps his life going -understanding that the value of physical health, feeding your mind the right things, having healthy relationships, and fueling your spiritual life all comes together for the better of home life, career life and personal wellness.

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[01:44] Welcome to The Ziglar Show, where we inspire your true performance. I’m your host Kevin Miller and today we behind the scenes with Skip Prichard after our main interview with him in show 540. We follow the spokes in the Ziglar Wheel of Life. Some highlights – Lifting weights makes Skip happy, he could do it all day long. But he also loves to eat, it’s his weakness. He’s a passionate believer in dark chocolate. He and his family all sing together and feel it’s a great stress reliever. Skip reads a book a day, but struggles to get adequate sleep. He likes Jim Rohr’s statement of working harder on self than the job, and admits making time for just himself is difficult. You will get much from this talk. Connect with Skip at Now…let’s get right to it!

[03:19] Physical: Yes, physical is important I think for many reasons and I have always been someone that lives in the gym four or five times a week. I love to lift weights and keep myself moving. I’m not real thrilled with running, I think I need to do much more cardio would help but it is one of those areas that I struggle with but I could lift weights all day long and it makes me happy and fine. So physically for me is that. I also do a lot kind of rigorous walking with my wife. We have beautiful parks around us and so you know walking for a few miles and just enjoying nature is always an advantage. But the gym I’m pretty familiar with and you know I find the local gyms wherever I’m traveling. It’s hard when you’re traveling specially around the world sometimes you can end up with gyms that are not really going to do as much for you, so you have to improvise but it’s always been a very important part of my work, life balance. And if I go, if I have periods where I’m not working out it shows up so quickly you know the wheel is so important. They do interrelate, it shows up so quickly in the other aspects and even if I’m exhausted entire I just have to go to the gym, do my routine and go I will always end up better off than just saying dragging through, it it shows up in my work.

[05:00] I certainly love to eat I think that’s one of my weaknesses and traveling the globe I love to try all sorts of food though a recent trip to Asia, I have to say that if something is actually moving it is hard for me to want to put that in my system. But I definitely follow a lot, I read a lot about nutrition and I follow a lot of the rules you know I trans fat that is a poison so I want to have that I try to limit those things that will you know slow me down and drag me down and put in good nutritionals and and eat enough fiber, vegetables and all of the all of the typical rules that you would find and that people would follow I’m I’m a student of them all.

[06:57] Family: I have a great family, I grew up with a great family, large family and my wife and I we’ve been married twenty-five years and my daughter who is twenty is just fabulous in fact she comes home today from school so I’m excited to see her. We do an awful lot together, we all sang so we sing together which is a wonderful opportunity to literally blend and it’s a great stress relief. And we just do a lot of things. My daughter and I actually went for her very first trip to Europe, she’s an incredible gifted artist and so we were in Amsterdam and Rijksmuseum and Van Hollen. So we had that wonderful opportunities to tour the city but it was just a dad daughter trip which had never happened before so that was wonderful. My wife and I as I said we celebrated our twenty-five years together which has been extraordinary much my wife has gone through two very very challenging health scares of advanced cancer fact my daughter was first born she had breast cancer and chemo and lost her hair and all of the radiation and surgeries that ensued so which is the reason why we don’t have many many more kids. But the importance of family and health really became known to me quite early in our marriage because of that and fortunately she is healthy and doing well but it does certainly bring perspective into things.

[09:09] Mental: I read a book a day for many things, many reasons mostly I don’t sleep very much, I don’t require much late so I’ve learned to read and not turn on devices because that’s a bad thing for sleep. And it was inspired a lot by Zig Ziglar in terms of feeding your mind and doing the right things. So motivation is very very important to me. I think I can also blame him because the fact that I motivated so much and wanted to read and developed so much is what hurts me the health side because the health weakness I have is getting enough sleep, so it’s his fault and his success all at once I suppose. But you have reading is very very important my spiritual life is very very important to me and reading things that will be uplifting and motivating and improving self-image and those kind of things, I think it’s important for my business. Now that I’m always looking ahead and challenging I like to attend conferences that will look ahead I attend a lot of technology shows and strategic vision shows and seminars that will help me look into the future and will challenge my mind because the future is changing but then I also grounded in a lot of timeless truths. So success principles don’t change right we might be in a world where we can print 3D organs, where we can have drones deliver our food, where we can have containers that are now available that sense that the dog food running low and order it for us which is always interesting, who order this package the container but the world changes there are certain principles that don’t. And so are we feeding ourselves with those positive things mentally spiritually is that going to push us to the next level or not.

[11:20] Financial: Early on I was a student of Larry Bearcat a lot of living debt free things I think Dave Ramsey has done a terrific job I point people to his resources over and over helping to live financially. I was passionate about being debt free early on I graduated from school with a mountain of debt and I didn’t want to have that and in a very very short period of time paid off all of my debt, which freed me up to do a lot of things and I mean all of my debt not I know there’s good debt and bad debt people say I didn’t want any debt. So I didn’t want to mortgage, I didn’t want any. And that was hard to do on limited income and a lot of debt but can you have to lay gratification, can you manage what you what you have, can you live in a in a in the lesser kind of minimalist way until you have achieved a certain level of success and so I did all of those things and paying yourself first and kind of doing the things that you need to do financially I think is extraordinarily important to everything else because if you’re unhappy and fulfilled financially it’s going to impact everything else on the spoke of this wheel for sure.

[15:32] Spiritual: Spiritual to me if I was designing this would be the scent trail a day of everything. I think that we are spiritual beings more than anything else and how do we feed that spiritual side of us we talked in the first interview about silence and that’s so important right silence and meditation. And if there’s an area where I need to make sure that I don’t miss it, it is that’s right. I’m good about reading you know if you’re reading spiritually and you have a spiritual book certainly the Bible or my utmost for is highest in reading those kind of things every day is important, I’m happy to read or listen. My wife is always playing sermons in our house you can’t go to a room where you won’t hear incredible teaching on scripture and things that will lift you up spiritually so that’s feeding into that but silence and meditation is as equally important prayer and how do you make time for that, that’s a bit more of a challenge for me to make that time but if I do it has an inane enormous impact on my life and then music is incredibly important to me. And spiritual music is extraordinarily uplifting to me.

[17:32] Career: It’s very interesting to me I wanted Jim Rose quotes was to work harder on yourself than you do on your job and I always tell people that are in companies that I’m running to make sure that your work harder and under self. He said if you work hard on yourself you’ll make, if you’re hard on your job you’ll make money, if you are caught in yourself you’ll make a fortune and so are you working on yourself. So I’ve been the C.E.O. now three major global companies privileged to lead wonderful organizations all terrific and to do all these other things and to me it’s more of a by-product then it is actually of you know working on my career etc. I think it’s table stakes to do kind of your responsibilities in your job but the next level up as working on yourself and inspiring others.

[19:24] Personal: Making time for personal is fairy very difficult and for me it’s all of those things, it’s getting time to work out, it’s getting time to read, It’s spiritual time, meditation and family time, singing and music is a big component of that as well reading and also surrounding myself with great people something that I love to do, I find them out, I’ve seek them out. So how can I find and I am really focused on building relationships with people that lift me up and inspire me. Your dad and I have become friends because I’m relentless like last time I was there in Nashville it was his birthday and I’m sending him that I am taking you to lunch, this is not an option for you, you have no choice but to cut me and we had a wonderful time together because if you surround yourself with people that are inspiring, that have really fed into your life then and just encourage it just changes everything right, so personally for me it’s surrounded myself with incredible people.

[21:06] OK Friends, I hope you got great value from this talk. Again, connect with Skip at Coming up next in show 542 we listen to a two minutes clip from Zig Ziglar on the power of good relationships. He states that Relationships more important than anything else for your health, and of course vital for your success in life overall. From the clip I asked this question on Facebook, “In your experience, what things hurt relationships most? We received over 70 comments, and this is just at my personal page at agentkmiller, not the Ziglar Facebook page of 4.5 million. I categorized the responses into 11 headlines and Michelle Prince and I talked through them counting down to the number one thing people cited. It was incredibly revealing. Till then thank you as always for letting me walk with you as we inspire our true performance together.