We are talking about serving others through sales. If you have a product, service, or idea, something that benefits people in any way, then you have a service to offer them, and there should be no sales pressure, only an appropriate desire to understand their need and discern if you really can help them. If you can help them, how do you effectively say so? The clip of Zig’s presentation is two minutes. To know how to serve someone, we need to be able to stand in their shoes and understand the problem they perceive. So, I posted a question to my facebook page at agentkmiller.com, “What problem does your product, service, or idea solve for people?” We got some great responses, of course. Some folks laid out well the problem their product/service/idea solves; others told us what theirs did and provided, but missed the problem perspective. Michelle Prince and I offered some direction. If you’re a sales professional, business owner, entrepreneur, digital marketer, author, speaker, platform builder, or anyone who wants to build an audience, then you have to check out the all-new Secrets of Closing the Sale Master Class with Zig Ziglar and Kevin Harrington. Visit www.zigsecrets.com/enroll for all of the details. That’s zig “Z” “I” “G” “Secrets” .com / enroll.

Show Transcription

[00:01] Welcome to The Ziglar Show, where we inspire your true performance. I’m your host Kevin Miller and today we are talking about serving others, through Sales. If you have a product, service or idea, something that benefits people in any way, then you have a service to offer them, and there should be no sales pressure, only an appropriate desire to understand their need and discern if you really can help them. If so…to effectively say so. The clip of his presentation is two minutes. To know how to serve someone, we need to be able to stand in their shoes and understand the problem they perceive. So, I posted on a question to my Facebook page at agentkmiller.com, “What problem does your product, service or idea solve for people?”

[01:00] We got some great responses of course, some folks who laid out well the problem their products/service/idea solves, others who told us what theirs did and provided, but missed the problem perspective, and Michelle Prince and I offered some direction. To kick us off then, I bring you…Mr Zig Ziglar.

[03:38] Ok Michelle, so on this question from Zig’s talk, what problem does your product service or idea solve for people and I posted that again just trying to draw us to we are here to serve people, so what is the problem that we’re helping them solve? An understanding that you know what if they have a problem or what we have is not what they need you know in just knowing both sides but being clear on that, that’s the point that we’re leading from not just how to make a sale. You just did a really successful event book bounded by the sea and Captiva Island and I saw the pictures of those and all of the excited people there and I assume that there are some of them they want to write a book, they want to get a message out because they have something that they know can help people, can solve a problem, fulfil a desire for people and just want to ask you for whether you do it now you know name them or not anonymous or not but a couple need examples of people who are there for they were there for that purpose and they’re going to go help the right people solve the specific problem.

[04:38] Absolutely you know in fact it’s so awesome and one of the reasons why I love doing this event is everyone comes from all over and not most people have no idea what they have to offer, even if they are in a business how to articulate that so that it will benefit someone else but by the end of the first day everyone is very clear that they have something of service to offer to someone prefer professionally or personally.

[07:15] Dan Moyle: We solve the problem of reaching an engaged, relevant audience in this noisy world of information overload (at Interview Valet).

[08:45] I think for that service really what they’re providing to someone like me would be influence, the ability to influence people. So it’s providing an audience of people that might be you know raising their hands and want to hear from you more, so they’re doing the legwork to go out and find those people because I mean most of us whether you’re an author, speaker or just really any human being generally we want to help others. So the hardest part is finding well where are those people you want to help and how do I get to them. So to me that’s what that service is providing is the ability to take what they’re wanting to share with the world and getting it to the right audience.

[09:28] Jeff Jones: My new product solves the problem that coaches and team moms deal with every baseball season. They are tired of the same three boring options: oversized fake ring, a boring metal or standard issue trophy that goes in the attic. We provide a refreshing baseball trophy that combines the team photo, team roster and tournament/park details all-in-one for the cost of a traditional trophy and they do it on a custom bat, it’s called coolbats.com.

[10:51] You know I have two boys both played baseball and I cannot tell you how many trophies we had but we didn’t just play baseball, we did soccer, we did football, we did every sport you can imagine and at one point we had moved about two years ago and my oldest at the time was sixteen and my youngest was twelve and you know some of the trip is they got when they were four or you know four or five years old but we still had them in that we have available, do we keep them. I mean some of these were just participation trophies you know and I’m telling you if we did end up getting rid of a lot of them especially the big tall you know gold ones because there just wasn’t room for him but if there was something that was more commemorative, more of like you know that like something cool like you’re saying that you could keep in a hope chest or even put it up on a shelf, I think I love idea and I would have kept it.

[12:49] Jeffrey Miller: As a Transformational Coach, I guide those with Low Self Esteem, Debilitating Beliefs, and unwanted Habits to a Healthy New Esteem and outlook on Life.

[13:27] Well one thing I’ll add to this and I learned this just from being years and years in sales is a lot of time people don’t want to solve their real problem, they want to solve the problem they think they have because most people you know will spend money to be more successful to have better relationships, to have peace of mind, to have more of more finances, those kinds of things solid career and we’re willing to invest whatever it takes to become that but most people aren’t necessarily raising their hand saying you know I have a self esteem and now as a result and so this is something that you know as a trader you always sell what people want to buy but then you give them what they need.

[19:32] Chuck Schwartz: Cleaning their windows completely, safely and timely. Also, 20 years of trust-they don’t have to be there! Usually, customers enjoy catching up with me though. So I guess I also fulfil a need involving relationships. Still have a great network of clients who need work and it’s been years since we did any targeted marketing. Referrals!

[21:10] You can count on I think that’s huge into the service industry. I think a lot because there are so many companies that don’t give it you know they don’t think it says it important because we’ve all had companies come out to our house and then not show up when they say they’re going to. So what I liked about what he put in his description is that we can count on you know we can trust that they’re going to show up and do what they’re supposed to do and like you said I’d spend more for that than somebody who’s just going to come in and you know the end of the day there’s hundreds of companies that can clean windows. So you have to write up your description and well what do people really want. They don’t just want their windows clean like you said they want somebody, they want the hassle to be gone, they don’t want to deal with it and they want to know if it’s done right and quickly.

[23:35] Elise Chapin Hohensee: Talent Driven Consulting is a recruiting company that allows our clients to stay focused on growing their business while we manage the recruiting process. We ensure the candidates have the right technical skill set, and also spend a lot of time screening for soft skills and ensuring the candidate fits the culture of the client’s company.

[24:53] You know I know a little bit about recruiting one of my jobs and fact that the job that I had just after I left Ziglar was an I T. Staffing. It was in recruiting and all. So I totally know that world and you’re right it’s what you’re selling there sure you’re selling people, you’re selling a service to find the right people but it’s more than that because they can find people on their own, I mean they get a search online. So it’s easy, it’s convenience it’s shorter, you know the time from the time you need someone, to the time somebody is up and running in training, this can be so much shorter. It’s you know the money is saving you now you may spend a little more because now you have a third person in there but truthfully the amount of time it would take you to find the right person is costing you money every single day. So those are just some of things but I like the way that they described it because it did bring into the you know they brought up those points that it’s you don’t need to be dealing with the hassle of all this, let us do it for you.

[26:45] Dan Schmidt: We save entrepreneurs time and money. And then we make them more money. We are a Certified Infusionsoft Partner and implement great funnels that really work in +10 countries!

[27:18] It is and so that’s why I do what I would like to hear and that description is not so much even the word funnels because the average consumer doesn’t even know what a funnel is yet and I certainly don’t know why they need one. So I think it’s more about you know the ability to communicate with more of your clients in an effective way to you know to be on top of mind, to you know integrate all of the marketing customer service management, you know out the market all in one database and we do the work for you to get it set up exactly the way you want it or something where it really is something and this happens a lot specially when I was in software, we get so accustomed to these buzzwords because that’s what we know; but the end user although they need to know those words again they’re not buying the funnel, they’re buying with the funnel, the benefit of a funnel does. So I think starting with more of a benefit statement is going to bring in more people versus people that just already know Infusionsoft.

[28:30] Andy Castro: Calling people to their purpose. Encouraging and inspiring 40 plus-ers to get in the game, get back in the game, or change the game. Inspiring them to breathe life into their dead forgotten dreams and desires so they can fulfil the call and purpose of their life.

[29:46] I think the easiest way to do this is just to really and so think you know what you know what is it you do we get so caught up in it think about like when you’re trying to solve a problem what are you looking for and put yourself in those shoes and start you know writing out the copy and all the description of it the way you would buy.

[31:26] Steve Rosen: I show my clients how to make their fitness journeys not have to suck! By making fitness laid back, fun and pragmatic. It allows people to experience their own path, while still doing a structured program to meet their goals.

[32:49] That’s a tough one because you’re right nobody wants to do it but we all want the benefits of it. And that’s what drives us.

[33:22] Jeff: I make a point of telling my girls very strongly: You’ll never be without money if you can solve other people’s problems.

[34:39] I definitely can speak to this because I was in that position when I first started my business you know I was so passionate about motivating people, inspiring, encouraging and helping people to find their story that I love doing it so much that I would do it for free. I mean I you know when you enjoy something so much of your like I would do this for free. But what happens is because we love it so much and we feel like we are either following our passion or our calling and we’re supposed to serve people in this way because this is the gift we’ve been given that we feel like it’s not fair to charge. And I started my business kind of with that mentality it was a lack of mind-set, it was a limiting belief and I didn’t even realize it until you know I start my business and I start to struggle financially, what’s going on you know I have all the right pieces here. And somebody said to me you know the more first of all the more money you make the more people you help. So if you’re really wanting to help people you need to start making some money because you’re not going to help very many people if you’re not charging. But the other reason is this when somebody invest in themselves, they are more likely to take action. So if you gift them with a free coaching call or if you give them a major discount on a seminar C or something like that they’re more likely to not do it or to not follow through because they’re thinking why they need to pay for it. But change that and if they put five hundred dollars down, thousand dollars, ten thousand dollars down to invest in a coaching, they are guaranteed to take action because there’s so much at stake. And I learned that even though I it even in raising my crisis through the years, I realize the more it costs the more invested somebody is. And if I’m really committed to helping people to be successful I have asked to be committed to putting up something in place that makes them invest in themselves and take actions.

[41:29] Ok friends, now for your exercise, think about your product or service, or if you have a message or idea…put yourself into your recipient’s shoes and understand their need and the primary problem you can help them solve. This is powerful folks.

[42:25] Coming up next in show 540 we talk with Skip Pritchard, author of “The Book of Mistakes – 9 Secrets To Creating A Successful Future”. Skip is the former CEO of Ingram Content Group and Harvard Business Review labelled him as a rare social CEO and a “relentless giver.” Some of the things that we hit on this interview are:

  • Servant leadership
  • mistake – working on your dream, not someone else
  • Determine who you want to be, not what you want to do – and having a clear purpose attracts people
  • mistake – allowing someone else to define your value
  • mistake – accepting excuses

Till then thank you for letting me walk through as we inspire our true performance together.