Mark Timm goes through his daily habits to stay healthy physically, mentally, relationally, financially, personally and in his career life.

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[00:30] Welcome to The Ziglar Show, where we inspire your true performance. I’m your host Kevin Miller and today we talk with Mark Timm, Amazon rockstar and Executive Vice President of Ziglar. We just had an incredible show with Mark and Kevin Harrington of Shark Tank fame on the new Secrets of Closing the Sale Masterclass, hear that in show 537 and get access at In this show we talk with Mark Timm on his habits for success. Mark was incredibly candid and openly shared his struggles in the 7 spokes of The Ziglar Wheel of life, as well as the habits he employs for health. Some highlights: He’s learned not to go overboard with his tendency to be extreme with exercise and nutritional strategies, but focus on sustainability. He quit watching TV to better guard what went into his mind. He became a millionaire by age 30, then went a million in debt. It took him twice as long to pay back the million as it did to make the million. He learned the hard way that he must lead with humility, and he went deep into this issue.

[02:32] OK, you’re going to enjoy hearing from Mark Timm…here we go!

[02:43] OK Mark, we’ve been doing these habits shows, we’ve interviewed you more than once, we have gone through your personal daily habits for success and so going through the Ziglar wheel of life here I think I may know a few of them but I want to hear more about you behind the scenes here. So we’ll start off with the first spoke.

[03:1] Physical: I got to tell you that when I look back at my life Kevin it’s like oh what haven’t I tried. So I’ve gone the whole gamut, I actually ran a travel on it while point dime and so you know that was a phase of my life and then I decided another phase of my life. I went through several years where actually fasted every single Monday because I read a report from a doctor that said you know after the weekend fast for twenty four hours and I did that for several years. And so I went through a fasting time, I went through a highly exercise time and what I’ve found is that none of those for me were ever sustainable. And so where you know in life is more balance. And I would say in the quest for balance I started eating more clean I started paying attention to more of what I was eating and so I’m trying to eat more clean, I’m trying to eat more you know raw and real. And so that I saw that have an impact but yet I couldn’t go overboard and disciplining myself not to go overboard in any of these areas because that’s my past my past is pick something and go overboard and it’s not sustainable. So I’m eating clean and I’m exercising but not travelling exercising just trying to do what I can couple times a week is all I can get in right now.

[06:41] Family: Well I want to go back and I just want to call it out right up front that I haven’t had you know these good habits around family my whole life and you know I’ve got a twenty year old now and so when I look back I spent a lot of time with some not good habits which means that I felt that I was providing for my family by working all these extra hours and traveling there were times when I was traveling a hundred fifty plus days a year. And I just told myself you know on the provider I’ve got to provide and so I had all these excuses but the truth is that you can be the provider and still lead and still be the guy, the dad, that you’re supposed to be and still be the mom you’re supposed to be and so what I realized was they were just bad habits. And my bad habits were I used the excuse that I had just been traveling to walk home and not connect with my kids and I soon found myself at a place where I could make a hundred decisions confidently with confidence and clarity at work but I couldn’t make the first decision at home with that same confidence and clarity and that didn’t feel good. And so therefore I started spiralling in the wrong direction at home because I didn’t want to feel like that at home I wanted to feel like I did it work and so when I look back it was just bad habits. You know I would not unplug with technology at home bad habit, I would not listen to my kids when I walked in the door bad habit, I wouldn’t go talk to my wife within the first five minutes being home bad habit, and so I just started looking at my world where I was did feel successful and say what were my habits there, what did I do there that worked. And I just started deploying them at home and it started working and so I did have to reinvent the wheel. I just said what I am doing well over here that works. Let’s do more of that at home and next thing you know it evolved to the point where I realized that everything I was doing at work was actually equipping need to be the dad that I was supposed to be, the husband I was supposed to be and then one day I drove up my driveway and I realized all these businesses, every business that I had ever started ever been involved with ever been a part of, they were just practice businesses for the most valuable business that I will ever own operate and that’s my family. My family is the most valuable business in the world.

[09:55] Mental: Well I’ll tell you what this is of slippery slope OK because what we take in, what we consume in our minds is what comes out. It’s what comes out of our actions, it’s what comes out in our relationships, and it’s what we say to other people. So I have gotten to the point where I’ve had to protect this greatly which means that I’m going to go public here and say I don’t watch T.V. anymore and so it doesn’t mean I don’t consume media, I’m just very selective about what I do consume and I filter it because it impacts me as a great influence on me. And so you know my mentors Zig Ziglar would say, you are who you are in where you are you know by what’s going on in your mind you can change who you are in change where you are by changing what was in your mind. So when it comes to mental I protect that greatly, I listen to podcasts because there are people I trust into filtered you know amount of content which people who are listening to me right now are obviously listening to you know the Ziglar show in a podcast. And so I do the same thing, I consume content from people that I know like respect whether it’s through a book or whether it’s through a blog or website and so I consume a lot of content, I just filter that content to very much protect my mental wellbeing because I have learned in my life that what goes into my mind is what’s going to come out of me and I am not a stage where my relationships like kids, my relationship my wife, my relationships with my you know teens and my businesses matter so much to me that I’m not going to put that in jeopardy by consuming the wrong mental content.

[11:54] Financial: Well I’m just going to be really vulnerable and say that you know as a young guy before I was even thirty years old you know, I had hit great success in business. I got very fortunate in you know the economy was really strong and so you know literally I was on paper, I was a millionaire. And then I started thinking that I was all that and then some and next thing you know nine eleven hits in New York and the Internet boom hits and I find myself you know going from having a million dollars to being a million dollars in debt. And it happened so fast like I couldn’t believe how fast it happened and that’s the reality that I was in and so I had to take a very different approach financially and stopped chasing you know some financial success out there and start measuring success very differently and actually that is where I started to get financial freedom was because I wasn’t focused on you know that element of because listen the million dollars. It took me less time to make a million dollars then it took me to pay back the million dollars when I went in debt. And so you know it was so much harder to get out of that hole than it was to make it the first time around and so it took more than twice as long to get out of that situation in. So I find myself now in a very comfortable spot because I stopped focusing on the wrong things which was focusing on how many zeroes or what the number was my bank account and I started focusing on doing the right thing and then the financial side started taking care of it.

[14:56] Spiritual: You know, it’s interesting because again when I look back you know I’ve had peaks and valleys in this area and I think when I was a younger guy, when I was struggling I would look back and say man spiritually I was spot on because it’s I needed God so bad that I you know I am struggling and then all sudden when times were good you know I would shy away from it and I found myself in a really bad habit with that because it’s like I wanted to flip the script completely on that and say when times are good I want to go all in and really grow and expand my foundations so that when times are bad, that foundation has really been built. And so that’s taken decades you know for me in fact I’m actually going through Kevin I don’t know if you’ve gone through, Zig has a daily wisdoms you know he has his daily devotional 365 days and my wife and I are going through that right now. And you know when we got to today of all times you know he’s talking about how you know there are so many of us that treat our faith doesn’t entitled.

[21:42] Career: Well I definitely had as an entrepreneur, I mean I go all the way back to I was chosen to be the national F.F.A. president of student organization and that put me on a trajectory of going into the corporate world and I ended up working for Kellogg’s and USA Today. And so I had a stint in the corporate side and then I came all the way around and I had a time where I was you know as a young entrepreneur or and growing and so but when I look back and I really saw the habits of success is when I was focused on helping other people succeed you know when I was focused on my success I always seem to fall short and run into some walls, but when I started focusing on those around me you know then I went from the front lines and delegating to pushing other people to succeed, setting them up for success empowering them. This is the stage you know where all the sudden I started finding myself being this behind the scenes leader and not having to be out in front because out in front was more about me and not about my team and other people around me. And I actually found that I am a much more successful and powerful leader is behind the scene of empowering other people to be do and have more, to be the best that they can be to find the talent inside of them and really explode that out into the world and what ended up happening was as a result of that I would develop trust and loyalty amongst people that work for me and they would come in and they would work really hard and this happened over time. And so you know so again I had areas that I had to learn the hard way you know where I lost some employees or a business failed and when I went back and looked at it I realized you know just concretely that I wasn’t leading the way that my I mean my real skill set was meant to lead.

[27:05] Personal: Well I don’t know if this is a hobby but it’s just where I’m at in life you know I’ve golf and I enjoy golf and I’ve fish and I enjoy fishing and I’ve done all kinds of outdoor activities, but right now at this very stage of my life as I’m losing these teenagers I’m  sending them out into the world and two of them of already left our home and they’re pursuing their passions and dreams and more are yet to go. So I find myself right now that when I have spare time and I can do anything in life that I want to do then money is not an object, time is not an object what I most desire is quality conversation. The thing that I most see and try to get when I’m able to do anything with spare margin and like I said cost is not an issue, time is not an issue I seek and desire quality conversation, really connecting in a conversation with one of my kids, with my wife, with a friend you know with just to strengthening those relationships, that’s where I’m at. Now I’m sure when the kids are gone you know and I’ll probably she said she going to take up golf so that she can play golf with me, will probably do more travels but at this very stage when I’ve got four kids left in the house and in four years they won’t be there, quality conversation is what I most want and I’m trying to make sure that t is you know that in all my relationships that it’s not conditional.

[31:49] So friends, what stuck with you from this talk with Mark? I was really struck with the thought of it taking twice as long to repay a debt as it took to make the money in the first place. Pretty convicting.

[33:02] Coming up in show 539 we listen to another strong message from Zig Ziglar on…sales, and his stance that I don’t think you can deny…that everyone is in sales. And that true sales is…serving.  The clip is about two minutes long, and from it i asked the question on my agentkmiller Facebook page, ““What problem does your product, service or idea solve for people?”” Responses were swift to this one and Michelle Prince and I had a blast talking through the comments submitted. Again, don’t miss the most powerful resource to come along since…well, Zig Ziglar! The secret of closing the sale masterclass with Kevin Harrington, harnessing the teaching from Zig that enabled Kevin to sell 5 BILLION dollars in products as the inventor of the infomercial. Get access now at Till next time, thanks for letting me walk with you as we inspire our true performance…together!