Kevin and Mark are coming together with common minds to bring Ziglar’s legacy to the younger generation of entrepreneurs today by their video series: The Secrets of Closing the Sale Masterclass.


Within business culture, where do we fall short? Today, the concept of “sales” has a bad connotation. But the truth is that everything in the world has to be sold.



  • Personal confidence is not “you have it or you don’t.” it’s being prepared, knowing the secrets and not quitting after a rejection.
  • Confidence in your product: if you invest in having an authentic, high-quality product, your business will be recognized and people will be drawn to the integrity your business operates with.


To close a sale is to serve:

  • Having a method of presenting what you’re selling to a community is vital, but it isn’t going to guarantee sales. Serving a community is solving a problem for a person.
  • “Bringing Zig back to the future”- Today we need to bring Zig’s secrets to closing a sale into a world where most businesses operate online. Thankfully, Zig’s secrets are timeless.
  • Understanding a person and their needs will give you the tools to serve and honor people where they are.


Sales are not a quick, “I win, you lose.” There’s a long game to sales.


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Show Transcription

[00:25] Welcome to The Ziglar Show, where we inspire your true performance. I’m your host Kevin Miller and today have in all truth, a significant event. Zig Ziglar has influenced over 250 million people worldwide. His two bestselling books are See You at the Top and Secrets of Closing the Sale. This second book on sales, in our interview with Seth Godin he says he listened to the recording over 70 times…he wore out the old cassette tapes and had to buy new ones. But the point is, as with all of Zig’s books, it wasn’t just about the topic on the front cover. It was about achieving a great life!

[01:05] In today’s show I talk with two business superstars and I’m submitting you’ll hear the best sale ever…on sales. Zig has always claimed that we are all in sales. You can’t make any forward progress in life, in any area, unless you can sell someone on yourself. And in business, you won’t get anywhere without selling your skills, your product, your service or your idea. You’ll never get a date or get married without selling your value to another. You’ll never succeed as a parent if you can’t sell your kids on good choices. It’s about influence. Mark Timm is a wildly successful businessman with a company that is a top 100 Amazon reseller with over 59,000 products and growing. He’s executive VP of Ziglar, Inc and CEO of Ziglar Family. He’s partner with Kevin Harrington, the guy who invented the infomercial and was one of the original four investors on Shark Tank, the guy with a net worth of 450 million dollars…to bring us Zig’s message from his foundational book, Secrets of Closing The Sale. Folks, it was an incredible look behind the scenes with these two guys and how they used Zig’s teaching to launch them not only into massive business success, but massive success in their lives overall. This one is a must listen.

[03:32] Now folks, strap yourself in for a profound story and message on sales and the absolute necessity of caring for, serving and influencing others, from two master students of the Jedi himself, Zig Ziglar.

[03:50] So guys, you have both achieved a massive level of success in business. Kevin, you invented the infomercial and were one of the original investors on shark tank. You’re reported to have a net worth of $450 million dollars. Mark, your business is one of the top 100 resellers on Amazon with 59,000 products and growing, Ex VP of Ziglar…amongst other ventures. Needless to say, you guys could buy a fleet of islands together and and just retire, or go after any number of projects and ventures.

[04:28] And here you are, partnering together and putting massive effort into advocating and promoting the message of Zig Ziglar. I want to know…why? Let me start with you Kevin…as my understanding is the catalyst is a chance encounter you had with Julie Ziglar Norman, Zig’s oldest child.

[04:54] I think first of all Zig Ziglar was the most amazing sales master in the world and so he had such an influence in my life that I had never met Julie before and so I just go back you know to influence my life started when I was in high school when it see you at the top came out and gave me a mind shift to go much bigger in terms of my next business that I built. And that was you know it was that you know a ten X of what my life was at that time in college and having 25 employees in college and then when in 1984, secrets of closing the sale came out, these were the technique I used to do billions of dollars in sales. So when here I am sitting in St Pete Florida you know a little over a year ago Julie Ziegler comes up. And I looked at her name tag and it didn’t hit me at first and then she was saying you know how I reminded her of her father because when I was speaking, I was just giving great content not selling and not pitching just really opening you know my heart to the entrepreneurs in the room and she’s like that was amazing and I look at what is their relationship between you and Zig Ziglar and she says yes Zig was my father and it just you know it was just instant like I melted in that particular moment.

[08:31] Mark, we’ve known each other a while now and been working together, but I actually don’t know your story…what brought you to putting your efforts into Ziglar. I know you had an experience with Zig at a young age, but when did you decide to invest so heavily in the Ziglar legacy today?

[09:06] You know I think we are all in a journey, life is a journey and I remember being a young man and I got to meet Zig for the very first time when I was 19 years old. I heard him speak when I was 15 years old and that was the first motivational speaker I’d ever heard. So here I am, hear him speak and it’s like he’s just talking to me, he’s telling me to get a check-up from the neck up and I can’t change who I am and where I am by what goes into my mind. And so I was a farm boy from Fillmore Indiana and so I sit let’s try this out and I start listening to this much as I could and he was right; I could do anything if I just change what was going to my mind. So at that stage of my journey, I took it constant and I started you know doing it for business. I became a young entrepreneur. I had over twelve business ventures and some of which done very well. I’ve sold businesses, I sold the business than eight years later bought it back and then I’m selling it again. And so I used all of this great content for entrepreneurial but then I found that I wasn’t having the same success at home that I was having it work and I thought to myself wait a minute I know how to be successful, I can figure this out and I sort of you using Zig Ziglar’s wisdom at home and so now all I had success in work and I started seeing that same success home with my kids and my family and I realized that my family was the most valuable business I ever owned, operate and I was sure that with Ziglar show.

[16:57] You guys have now partnered, heavily, in this message from Zig’s foundational book, along with See you at the top, Secrets of closing the sale. Via the Secrets of Closing the Sale Master class.  So again, what’s the story? You don’t need another dollar, but you are putting your efforts behind selling…sales!

[18:33] Yeah so I first want to say this that you know think about the fact that we had fifty years of content to go through and we could decide to start anywhere with Zig. I mean the amount of content is just massive 31 books in 36 languages and thousands of hours and so why did we start Sales? Why don’t we start with Sales? Well the fact is that at his core Zig Ziglar was the master salesman. Every time he got up on stage he was selling; he was selling us to be more, selling us to do more, selling us to want more, selling us to have more to believe that we could do all of that and the truth is that nothing happens without sales. And I think the main reason you know and I will let Kevin talk about his own life because you know his life is like the protégé of Zig Ziglar, the living breathing a protégé of Zig Ziglar as he looks at his life. And so when we said we’re starting with secrets of closing the sale because we’re in a lean into something that society and our culture is leaning away from, if you ask people are they and they also are quick to raise their hands and say oh I’m not in sales, I don’t sell any so. Somehow since Zig Ziglar stop getting up on stage, he made sales super cool like he connected himself, he compared himself to Christopher Columbus, George Washington and all of these historic heroes, they were some of the best salespeople ever. So Zig Ziglar made selling cool because he knew no product, no passion, no purpose or all and less It was sold and so that’s why we started with salespeople because people have started raising their hands and saying sales is a bad thing but we have basically said no sales is not only not a bad thing, sales is everything. Nothing happens unless something is sold, no idea gets to the world in less it’s sold, and nothing takes place unless it’s sold. So it’s certainly not a bad thing but it is everything and if you want to make a difference in the world you better learn to sell, if you want to run business you better learn, if you want to get your kids to eat green vegetables you better learn sell, if you will let kids go to bed on time you better learn to sell. And so you know so I’ll never forget watching video one with my wife who is a state or mom and she looked at me at the end and said Oh my gosh, I’m in sales. I sell every single day, sales is everything. And so with that I’m going to throw the ball back to Kevin and just let him unpack his life and how he feels about this idea of sales every day and why there was only one choice where to start was exactly and it was selling.

[21:37] Yeah because Julian and I met and we got talking and I met Tom and you know Mark, we’re saying ok Zig has all these assets but I said No, I said it was very simple for me I remember I said you know I was a door to door salesman. You know then I was in air conditioning sales then I was selling products on T.V. I am not a typical C.E.O. type of person, I’m not skilled at finance and spreadsheets and excels and you know management and you know all of that kind of stuffs, in fact every company ever built I ended up turning over a lot of the executive functions other people. At the core I am a salesman and a good salesman right. So because I’ve learned how to see help from Zig right but so I mean, I think the one thing in my industry that is and I’ll go all the way back I met this gentleman Arnold Morris way back in the early days and Arnold was slicing through a Coca-Cola can in a month where in a pair speakers with a Ginsu knife and I’m watching him and when I got talking to him it was are all these even selling thousands of dollars’ worth of nice sets but he seemed like he was in a little bit of pain because he said Oh my God I do this all day here Philadelphia home show. Then I go right to the Iowa State Fair I’ll be doing this forty weeks this year and you know I’ve been doing this for dozens of years and I’m like he’s making a lot of money but he’s away from his families, away from his wife, he’s you know it’s a tedious job doing the same thing over and over and over. And so it’s still in my mind is going into you know how can I help Arnold, all his problems of having to do all this traveling and then I remember Discovery Channel having this big block of time available, I’m like what if we put Arnold up on Discovery Channel and created what became the infomercial. And so you know it was feeling his pain solving his problem that helped me than become the salesman.

[29:11] We’re talking about a significant differentiation in sales from I want to say from narcissism to altruism I mean that is really so much of the heart in it but as we come back I’m going to follow a little bit your you know the kind of the template that you do in the master class and you start off right at the beginning almost in taking sales as a personal in life development tool, because the first part of it do it well, to do it on this out truest ticket successful side long term it starts with as you said in the show in the video it starts with self and you literally brought out the stink and think in and looking at self-image and competence. Again not where we tend to go with culturally we didn’t we think of sales of saying ok first you’ve got to get yourself grounded and have confidence in yourself one. And I’m going to give this to you guys if you want to tag team on the two pieces you can you decide but one is having confidence in yourself. Two is having true authentic confidence in the product service or idea that you are selling. I mean this is the heart of integrity so flesh that out a little bit on the self-confidence and the product service idea confidence.

[30:38] Well, I’ll take this up confidence and take the product service that side of the equation and so you know I think I want to build a little bit on what Kevin said on the self-confidence side because obviously you do have to lean into it and not lean away from sales. You know it’s not a secret if you read it, there’s over one hundred closes. OK where does that self-confidence come from guys? If you’re listening to this, it comes from learning some of the secrets of the masters, you don’t walk in and so make a sale and not have prepared. You know Kevin and I met a young man who literally didn’t have a job but he wanted to be successful in his life. And he’s like what do I do, I don’t have a job. I want to be super successful but I don’t have a job and what am I going to do and somebody gives some secrets closing the sale. So he gets a three by five stack about 103 notecards and he writes down all one hundred closes from Secrets closing the sale. And what he does is he memorizes him closes every week. So every week in memorizes ten closes, so guess what happens. He gets a job within weeks, he’s crushing it, he is doing so incredibly well, he gets recognized from his boss, he gets promoted and he blows up his career, now he’s one of the most successful online digital marketers in the entire business. He did a webinar that did ten million dollars and he use all these closing that needs of doing it. So yes it starts with personal confidence but here’s the deal you don’t just have it because you looked in the mirror and said I’m ready today, you have it because you said there’s some stuff there are some secrets people know, there are some things people know.

[37:12] Ok so on that and you guys are both talking and using the word over and over again integrity and authenticity and you know in the video series the secrets of closing the sale master class, you come next into talking about that to sell is to serve. You play a clip from Zig re-talks about that and you expand on it Kevin. And again that common perspective that we generally as a culture in our society have is when we think of sales, it’s to sell is to convince someone to buy what I’m selling and you guys are turning it around and in the health and wellness arena where I’m involved in we have some intimate things big ticket items of people are taking off for themselves, it really helped force me to coming back to they also need to convince me that they truly need it. And I love the prospective but having walk away power with anything that I’m selling but again that is a different paradigm that you guys have both experience and yet do you feel like it’s still a big shift for people to take with the term of sales?

[38:20] Yes so this is the beauty of what we’re doing with the secrets of closing the sales master class and Kevin and I’ve had this conversation so many times and that is right now so many people are so star struck by the shiny objects they’re like all I got to do is have a million Facebook followers and I can sell a million dollars the product or maybe it’s Twitter, maybe it’s Instagram or maybe it’s You Tube or tomorrow it’s snapchat and it’s like I’ll have to like I have a webinar and next thing you know they invest in a Facebook page and they invest in by call traffic and I’m literally talking to a guy yesterday that had five thousand people sign up for webinar and he sold 70 units.  And I just looked at him and I said look dude I said I’m going to tell you the only thing that kept you from selling five hundred versus fifty was you didn’t solve anybody’s problem. You didn’t serve the community that was there and this is the beauty of what we’re doing in secret of closing the sales master class, there are secrets to huge success and sales and unfortunately so many people today are caught by the shiny object and they think the secret is just a page or traffic or some new tool. That’s not the secret, that’s a vehicle to carry the secret to your community but if you forget the actual secret which is solving the problem, which is helping them first.

[45:43] OK I’m going to hit on that because you’re bringing up another issue when you talk about the different closes and the relevance of those and yet I know that we have folks who are here in this message who still have that little bag on their shoulder was Sales who hear that as and you speak to this in the class to manipulation and it’s not that. So talk you guys about one we need to be the person selling a product or service an idea ourselves and authentically being open that what we have may not be what the other person needs one. The second part of that though is knowing when you mentioned this in the story actually Mark it was you talking about Kevin where when he got that know he smiled because he knew hey I got a decision maker. So we’re halfway there that’s great well, but that most people well poses to you I find that most people it’s very difficult, are scared of making that decision. We have two purposes: one does the person need it truly, two if they do now it is my job to help them get that thing that they want which brings us back to the closes. So it’s not manipulation, it is again service and that’s what you guys are teaching and I mean this is a lost art in the culture which is why you’re here today but on that you know hit on that Mark.

[47:42] Yeah so I mean it is a lost art and there are you know secrets to doing this that’s the whole reason we brought this course back. And you’re exactly right, selling is everything but selling is also service and so I spending time by investing the time in the person that you are selling you know one of my favorite closes that Zig does is it’s the close of get on the same side as your buyer. You can’t understand where they’re coming from or what their need is unless you’re on there’s side of table. If they’re on one side of the table and you’re on the other side of the table, you’ve got a table in between you. And so if you’ll just say you know time out I’m coming on your side of the table I want to understand what it’s like to be you. I want to understand coming from financially, where you’re coming from you know economically. I don’t understand where your needs are no, I actually can help serve you because I’m on your side and it may be that I have to look at all the options you’re looking at and give it almost a valuation of all of them and I may even find that there’s a product out there that is as good as mine right but they’ll turn around and buy from you because of your honesty, because you’ve now been transparent about everything.

[57:31] OK guys I’m going to put in a topic your question that I did not have planned, we don’t spend too much time on it but in the grow, I grew up on sale is speaking of this I got a point you give keep talking about the Cadillac thing and the dealership that zig bought in Dallas Texas twenty years ago. I cut some of my marketing teeth on reading a book that came from that dealership called customers for life and it’s one of those anchors in my own sales repertoire. But in this you know in growing up in sales I can thank my dad Dan Miller for, I feel like Jason Bourne someone out there in the market place that you know what’s going on and you see the and I see the testimony from that with you guys that you understand the mechanism and spirit of sales but that helps you to understand of the marketplace. And in the video series Kevin you actually talk, you speak this I think you mentioned it today Mark as well in this show, nothing ever gets done anywhere until somebody sells something and I did a little paradigm shift there that we’re all products of sale. So be that person that says no I don’t have a thing to do with sales. When you’re a product of it, you’re living it and you’re responding to everybody else’s sales efforts so to not know almost feels negligent. Because you understand the mechanisms of the marketplace that run on sales and how that gives you this you are going to use the Jason Bourne vision of knowing what’s going on and the leg up that that gives you in life overall?

[59:29] Well, I’ll give a quick answer. You know it’s about reputation and Kevin talks about selling, I think when I’ve traveled around the country as a business partner of Kevin, one of the coolest things of all and what I think about is that we just got a text message came through while we were reporting this by so much if you ever did business with years ago. And that was such a positive change that they want to work with him today and I see that over and over and over again and there’s just no lot of value that you can you know that. And so as we look at even life success it transcends, it transcended in family and I think one of the biggest things that I want to say is that yes we’re talking about sales and yes if you’re a small business owner this will help you if you’re an entrepreneur this will help you if you’re in sales professional sales, it will help you.  But I also want to say something else, we’re finding that there is this last community of people that I would classify as inside of them is the passion that the world needs.

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[1:13:12] OK, coming up next in show 538 we talk with Mark Timm on his habits for success. In this show Mark is incredibly candid and openly shared his struggles in the 7 spokes of The Ziglar Wheel of life, as well as the habits he employs for health. Some highlights: He’s learned not to go overboard with his tendency to be extreme with exercise and nutritional strategies, but focus on sustainability. He quit watching TV to better guard what went into his mind. He became a millionaire by age 30, then went a million in debt. It took him twice as long to pay back the million as it did to make the million. He learned the hard way that he must lead with humility, and he went deep into this issue. So till then, thank you for letting us walk with you, as we inspire our true performance…together!