Kevin Miller and Tom Ziglar discuss, “What is something that you can do to make your life better, but you struggle to make it happen?”

Some key ideas that came up were:


  • General discipline
  • Asking others for help
  • Starting your day the night before
  • Checking in with yourself
  • Being present
  • Slowing down and enjoying life, live balanced


Show Transcription

[00:34] Welcome to The Ziglar Show, where we inspire your true performance. I’m your host Kevin Miller and today Tom Ziglar and cover the topic of, what power do we have to make things better in our lives…immediately? We listen to a 2 minute clip from Zig Ziglar where he deftly points out how we all understand there are things we can do, right now, to make our lives worse. But what we don’t often conceptualize near as much is…there are things we can also do…right now, to make our lives so much better. He tells it in a compelling way, of course. From the message I asked this question, “Your life is what it is today. What is a change you could make, pretty quickly, that you think would improve your life for the better? Any answer is relevant.” We got a great array of answers, from things people espoused were good habits, to people who had specific things they wanted to do to make their lives better…but were struggling to actually do. Tom Ziglar joins me in this show to talk through the comments…it’s a really great conversation.

[04:40] OK, now let’s dive into the comments with Tom Ziglar in response to, “Your life is what it is today. What is a change you could make, pretty quickly, that you think would improve your life for the better? Any answer is relevant.” Here we go:

[05:07] Tom: You know the story that there’s always something that we can do to make our lives better as opposed to what we know we can do to make our lives worse but what’s something the you are aware of today in your own life personalized that you know I could do this to make myself better, to make my existence better but you’re struggling to make it happen.

[05:35] Well that’s easy Kevin and the list is actually pretty long but I’m going to keep it short. We had an amazing podcast I think it was Tom Rath who wrote The Eat Sleep Mover and he talked about the importance of movement and so one of my 2018 goals is to get up and move six times a day for five minutes each time and I have been very diligent at that and I’m only getting about 30-40% completion right, what when I’m in home in the morning, working on my book and other things, it seems like I get them all in but if I travel or if I’ve got to go in the office something always comes in the way and every time I finish my five minutes Kevin it’s like my brain is energized I’m thinking about the next thing. So it is literally not robbing me for five minutes of time, it’s actually energizing the next hour and fifteen minutes. So I need to do it regardless.

[10:05] Jeff Batson: I need to start spending at least 20 minutes a day planning and organizing my activities for the day. Also, stop going to Starbucks and make my own coffee drinks. Will save money that way, immediately. 🙂 I want to get back to my daily walking, eat better, make healthier food choices, achieve a healthy weight, I need more discipline in these areas.

[10:53] I have every day in my planner for goals. And the first goal is called The Perfect start. And I’ll tell you this if I have to pick between which one of the goals I do, it’s the perfect start because if I get the day started right everything else goes. And 20 minutes is fantastic, 15 minutes is fantastic, I tell people it doesn’t matter how long you do, it matters that you start and you make it a habit and then you will start to crave it and the time will expand your productivity will go through the roof and it will be the most blessed precious time of the day.

[11:40] Steve Gallegos: Asking others for help.

[12:22] You know I don’t have any like scientific studies to back this up. But all of my research and networking you know everything I would say the probably the biggest challenge for somebody moving from manager to leader is that right there. And here’s the reason if Dad said this, if your ear replaceable, you’re unpromotable. And so as a leader our job is to develop the people who work for us to the place where they can do our job better than we can. And so really the only way that happens is if you’re constantly asking your people for help to do this and it also goes to friends I will tell you my word for 2018 is transformational. And I think this is number two on my list this one thing.

[14:46] Jeff Jones: Consistently go to bed by 9:45 PM every night. Success today begins the night before.

[16:29] I could tell you, a hundred times when we had family and friends over at the Ziglar house and nine thirty would go and Dad would clap his hands, stand up and say, well I’m going to bed, I don’t know what you’re doing but I’m going to bed. And it’s because the morning was precious and it was literally for him it was losing a day making a difference if we didn’t get enough sleep.

[17:05] Dee Roots: Make a daily and weekly commitment to evaluate my actions to discover opportunities for improvement. This will ensure I am headed where I say I want to go, instead of drifting where life sends me.

[17:38] You run the day or the day runs you. I think Ben Franklin was famous for doing this and the crazy thing is he started when he was twenty years old. And what he did is he wrote down thirteen virtues that he wanted to develop in himself and every month he focused on one virtue, but every night before he went to bed he would look at all thirteen virtues and he would put a star any time he messed up would want to know. He turned out pretty good. Our head coach for personal development coaching is David Wright and this is what he teaches. You claim your day what the things you’re going to do for the day and then at the other day you just ask yourself two questions: did I get everything done? And if you do why not? And that’s a great little practice and it doesn’t take a lot of time, five minutes and you can do that.  

[18:43] Ricci: Embrace the present moment instead of always looking at “what’s next” or the next adventure!

[20:00] You know I sent you a video, it’s got to go in around right now is that idea big ground and I can’t wait till the next time I’m out of God’s nature. I’m going to take my shoes off you know and then feel it because there’s nothing like being in the present the feeling now. And it’s hard I mean I’m in front of the room and indents all the time. You can see the eyes in the room, you know who’s engaged and you know you got something. And what happens is when you’re not present you’re robbing your presence right then and your future.

[21:37] Tyson E Franklin: Remove stuff from the home office that I have not touched for over 12 months. Basically de-clutter. This would free up the cupboard space, reduce mess on my desk and free my mind from distractions.

[22:48] You know a tip I heard and I’ve done it myself is you go into your closet and then you’re like OK well I get rid of this but then there’s all the stuff that you’re not get rid of it and that you haven’t worn in years. So what you do is you turn all the coat hangers the other direction and as you take them off you put the coat hanger back in the right direction. At the end of the year anything that still decode anger is facing the wrong direction throw it away or give it away. And so what you’re doing is making a commitment today that if I don’t wear this. If you have the normal amount of clothes, you will be shocked at how much stuff you haven’t worn in a year.

[24:28] Tony Chung: I like to take time to enjoy something every day. Sometimes it’s going to see a killer movie like The Greatest Showman. Sometimes it’s just lying in a dark room and meditating on scripture or soft music.

[25:36] You know it’s like they relish it. I mean spending time with your dad you can just tell as he walks around the sanctuary that he just relishes, some of the things they’re right. And that’s about being president, that’s about knowing that you’re in your purpose and that’s about knowing that what you’re doing is it’s amplifying the gifts, talents and strings that God has given you. And so I love that and the thing is whether it’s you know prayer or meditation or sitting back and listening system music or enjoying a sunset we ripped.

[27:10] Marvin Penick: If I could increase my ability to be disciplined. Wow! My life would improve exponentially. I’m really experienced in the cycle of discipline/self-sabotage.

[28:07] My first thought is we sabotage ourselves. Because we think that discipline means I’m going to work out an hour and a half every day. Or discipline means I’m going to go to my desk for four hours, I’m going to get all that work and then I’m going to go on. That’s not the way we’re wired. And I love the podcast on essentialism because we’ve talked about this. If you want discipline as a muscle and so what you’ve got to do is first off understand that discipline doesn’t require you to feel like doing it. It’s a commitment we do it where that we feel like or you’re not. And then pick some habits that are good that you’re going to put into play 1-5 minutes in the beginning, walking for five minutes, reviewing your day for five minutes, whatever it is and create the habit every day being discipline. And then you’ll watch the discipline grow, your watch it grow. So don’t sabotage yourself by saying well if I can’t run the marathon on Saturday, that’s what I am trying to do my whole life, so I should do it; that’s what most people do now. You’re going to run the marathon two years from now today, you’re going to jog to the mailbox. And the discipline as we jog to the mailbox a little bit for a reason.

[30:47] Friends, it really is exciting to know we have the power to make our lives better, right now. This moment. And tomorrow. If you got value from the show, please let us know by leaving a review in iTunes or Stitcher. We need encouragement too! Well coming up next in show 537, I talk with two business superstars and I’m submitting you’ll hear the best sale ever…on sales. Zig has always claimed that we are all in sales. You can’t make any forward progress in life, in any area, unless you can sell someone on yourself. And in business, you won’t get anywhere without selling your skills, your product, your service or your idea. You’ll never get a date or get married without selling your value to another. You’ll never succeed as a parent if you can’t sell your kids on good choices. It’s about influence. Mark Timm is a wildly successful businessman with a company that is a top 100 Amazon reseller with over 59,000 products and growing. He’s executive VP of Ziglar, Inc and CEO of Ziglar Family. He’s partner with Kevin Harrington, the guy who invented the infomercial and was one of the orignial four investors on Shark Tank, the guy with a net worth of 450 million dollars…to bring us Zig’s message from his foundational book, Secrets of Closing The Sale. Folks, it was an incredible look behind the scenes with these two guys and how they used Zig’s teaching to launch them not only into massive business success, but massive success in their lives overall. This one is a must listen. Till then, as always, thank you for letting me walk with you, as we inspire our true performance…together!