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This week, we are looking into Dave Ramsey’s life habits for healthy living in these seven areas of life:



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[00:22] Welcome to The Ziglar Show, where we inspire your true performance. I’m your host Kevin Miller and today we get into the personal life of…Dave Ramsey. What are the daily, personal habits of America’s most trusted source on…money?  Some interesting things you’ll hear, he and his wife Sharon get up at 4:45 every morning together to talk, pray and go go over plans for the day. She then works out at the gym while he uses his home gym and some running trails, he still spends time budgeting! Though it’s admittedly looking at bigger expenses and not the grocery budget. He mentors a group of local, young pastors. And he believes recreating is “re-creating” and devotes time to joys such as barefoot skiing at his lake house. It was a fun journey with Dave over the 7 spokes of the Ziglar Wheel of Life.

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[02:58] Now we dive in with Dave Ramsey and his personal habits of success.

[03:06] Ok, so looking at the Zig’s wheel of life Dave, the seven spokes I just want to get a little behind the scenes look at you and your day and what you do in each of these areas to keep yourself well and whole. Starting off with number one is the physical side of Dave Ramsey, where your habits there?

[03:23] Physical: Well they’re better because it’s just after the New Year. We all get out you know and run and stuff 30 minutes, 45 minutes a day and I get up about 4:45 AM. We started out with a cup of coffee, talking and praying and looking at calendars and budgets and what are we going to be doing is going to laying things out and so that that’s kind of our spiritual in our family time to start our day off. And she off to the gym and I mean off the walk over there it will grab me crazy but I just go downstairs and in my house and work out and so that’s how we end up starting our days on a couple of those fronts.

[04:03] Family:  So on the family front, what are some of the habits for keeping your family and tight relationship strong?

[04:13] Well, I think we’re old because of what we get up at 4:45 am but that also means we go to bed early. That come early to get up if you’re going to stay up till eleven o’clock you know, so I need my sleep, my beauty rest so we’re going to bed early. But as far Sharon and I go we’re empty nesters I’m more or grandma grandpa now so a lot of our family stuff is tod towards getting time with the grandkids, face time with the grandkids. As far as just Sharon and I, we do a really good job and I have for many years of getting about three day trips and stuck in my busy schedule. That’s just me and her on a plane and go down to Florida or jump on a plane and run over to California or Canada or something just for a couple days nothing big, nothing over the top, nothing crazy but just break the cycle of the crazy busy schedule and it’s just the two hours of we do that about three times a year that keeps our marriage battery pretty charged.

[05:24] Mental: Well, run organization that’s full of people that are way smarter than me and so I really have to work to keep up with them. The technology stuff that we do here, I’ve learned words and phrases in the last twelve months I even know existed. And it’s just to be able to understand enough of what before we get ready to spend six figures on some kind of item or process seven figures on some kind of a digital product rollout, I as a C.E.O. I mean I got to know a little bit about it. I don’t have to be the guy that writes the code but I and that will never happen but just to be able to sit in these meetings and not be the dumbest person in the room is a full time job. So these guys are our keep me on my toes keep me reading those articles to get me to understand what it is.

[06:50] Financial: You know a lot about but on this I’m really curious you mentioned getting up with Sharon and talking together and looking at a budget and calendar and such, so the fact that you look at a budget today is still true?

[07:05] Oh definitely but and the other stuff that’s true is we don’t do any large anything without sharing how sure and having knowledge of it and she doesn’t work here at the office and so inside the business. So if we’re going to do some kind of major deal I walk her through that because I want her inside on that and and you know we have a family foundation that our oldest daughter Denise runs and so before we do any large giving, Sharon and I are we set a budget for that every year that our board puts together but then if we’re going to adjust that it all made year or if there’s something that comes up and we want to consider adding it, we don’t write large checks. So that’s kind of our budget ends up rolling into the business, rolling into our philanthropy, rolling into other stuff as more than just you know do we have enough to buy potato chips.

[10:56] Spiritual: I have really enjoyed and been fed by a mentor, a group of pastors in our area here. They got some leading pastors in the area probably I guess there’s about eight of them. That me and a couple of other guys are in a we just put together a group and there’s no formal anything we just gather in and sit and talk. And those guys a lot of them don’t have any place to do that, they’re running out a fairly good sized church and I learn from them. They feed me spiritually a lot in that process and but it’s also been very rewarding to just give them an outlet to be mentors by I think I’m older than all of them but maybe one, little bit of an older guy and So but these are guys that are you know, that they’re moving stuff around in ministry, they’re having an impact on the community and they’re running into all the things that happen when you do that. All the leadership challenges, the public facing challenges and all that other stuff and so it’s giving them a place has been rewarding but also learned a lot from them.

[12:24] Career: Yeah I think my career right now is just trying to hold on to the tail of this tiger and not let it get away from me. If you know I’ve spent a lot of my time to try to keep a curry up but then the other Pop origin of it is to tried to look far enough into the future ten years and say OK who’s going to be running that in ten years or you know when I’m not running things what can I still be doing and not be in the way and not be just walk in the room until the room by my presence because of the history of me running everything. And so how am I going to be able to pull that off and so that comes back to things that you’re not talked a lot lot about one of the years and that’s just legacy and succession planning and those kinds of things. So I just spend an immense amount of energy looking out their and looking out into the future five years, ten years, twenty years and saying OK what should be, Lord what do you want me to do, what’s my part and that’s because it does if it’s all about me still then those things not go work.

[13:56] Personal: You know I think the word recreate does mean re-create. And so not only you know have spiritual Sabbath, you need to have just physical Sabbath. And so in the summertime you know we’re at the lake house and ski on our tails off and I still barefoot together ,still barefoot and it’s fifty seven years old. So I love the water love, the lake and just fall in near shore and it hurts and it’s awesome. And so just engage in something about you know maybe snow skiing in the winter or it might be you know might be heading down the south somewhere and scuba diving with my family and the good news is I enjoy run around my family and enjoy around me and we get to those who will stuff together, recreate in order to re-create.

[15:11] OK friends, no doubt that was interesting to hear and hopefully gave you some ideas for your own health habits for success. Of course you can connect with all Dave has to offer you for YOUR financial peace, at daveramsey.com. Coming up in show 533 we bring you a special show…it’s an insert on the power of community and how you vitally need it for your life. We talk with Howard Partridge on his new book “The Power of Community – How Phenomenal Leaders Inspire Their Teams, WOW Their Customers and Make Bigger Profits. I just spent time in Nashville, TN with Howard and got a copy right from Howard’s hand. This is a timely, timely book. We are suffering as a culture by being uber connected digitally, but under connected personally with real relationships.  The book comes out Jan 25, 2018 but you can Pre-order now at https://www.howardpartridge.com/community. But tune in to show 533 and we’ll walk through it with you!