From a boss to a leader: A boss pushes people, but a leader pulls.

Trends in the financial world of America that has made things worse or been better.

  • The student loan crisis is still very real.
  • Credit cards are still a problem.
  • Some of the population has become hopeless for achieving the “American Dream” of security.
  • The thought that it’s become acceptable to be a victim, not a victor.
  • Comparing your life with others through social media.


We must defeat the myth that things cannot change.

Show Transcription

[00:21] Welcome to The Ziglar Show, where we inspire your true performance. I’m your host Kevin Miller and today we are talking with Dave Ramsey. America’s voice for financial peace and financial health. Or we can just say money. That thing that dictates far too much of our lives. How can we lead it instead of it leading us? We took a short time with Dave to get a pulse on the state of his views on finances in today’s culture and economy. What is harming us most, what could help us most? What trends do we need to be aware of? Dave is as candid and authentic as ever and also gives us a look inside the workings of his empire. You can of course connect with all Dave has to offer you at!

[03:23] Well Dave, I was fortunate enough to know you long ago through my dad Dan Miller and that when you started this financial movement there’s a lot that has happened in your business. What has come to fruition at Dave Ramsey with all your scope that you would not necessarily have guessed when he started out so long ago.

[03:45] You know what we didn’t see, we did see the huge need that there was a gap in the marketplace that we could serve and help people and we knew it was massive. So we knew the thing could have scale. And the other thing that has happened that really out of necessity to pull something off of this size is the leadership development around our place, our leadership team is unbelievable and the amount of growth that personally had to have in this thirty years in that particular, so space going from being a balls to being a leader, it blows my mind how much things have had to change between my years and how much love I have and the the richness of soul I have with our leadership team there, they are absolutely world class. And I did not understand when we were starting that would not only be necessary but that what it would happen.

[04:50] So Dave what is it that you know you always have these huge plans; we’re going to roll this next thing out because you’re anticipating the needs of the market what was a big surprise that didn’t work you thought it would kind of caught you off guard?

[05:05] You know I’m so entrepreneur and I always think everything’s going to work and I always think it’s going to work faster than it does and more efficiently than it does. So it’s always surprises me how hard it is and you know like rolling out these personalities, we’ve got six personalities including me and you know it’s worked there they’re all huge names, they’ve all had number one best selling books and they’re world class speakers and communicators and media hits and they really are doing it but I mean we were working on these seven years. It takes for ever it feels like it just every thing’s harder than you think it’s going to be that’s what always surprises me.

[05:51] I’ve stuck on what you said a minute ago that you had to learn to go from a boss to a leader, give us a little bit of explanation on that.

[06:03] I mean Kevin you know, when you and your wife are in my living room and my card table or I were trying to figure this out, I was 32 years old. I don’t know, I was so damn, I thought if you hire people that work you know if you hired what I would, you know and it’s not as hard a bunch of people and then I was shocked that we had talked sick people or that we had lazy people or that we had people that didn’t care or whatever and I’ve you know I thought you just tell people what do they do, do it. That’s what also has a boss. You know there’s always is a push, for pushing people to do something and a good leader and stay push or pushy leaders or poorly. And so I just get now get around the other side of the vision or other side of the task or other side of the project not call everybody to join in and those that don’t join and get left at the station.

[06:55] In your business outlook and vision that you have right now with Ramsey, I think the last time that we talked you said that your focus was success and you just mentioned the other Ramsey personalities that you have on board now. But what is the big initiative that is most preoccupying your mind when you woke up this morning, came into work, saw the building, what’s filling your mind right now?

[07:21] Well it probably falls into three things in there interconnected. One is to continue development of these new layers of leaders and new leaders inside our organization. I mean we are 175 people actually new people and that you know I just requires constant leadership development and you know brazing people up, setting them in the seat of leader, calling them leader and then making them make sure that they are a leader. That’s obviously one thing we spend a lot of time on, spend a lot of time with these personalities, thinking about you know what’s a product they’re going to roll out next, a digital product or an event that we’re going to do or who can we pair them with you know to create some kind of a different hybrid of a product. And you know we spent an amazing amount of time on those kinds of things and focused on those kinds of things, so I think that’s it and then you know in the background or overarching all of that is just this served in the digital realm, the way that how can we deliver, what we do in these different spaces and with these different voices into all these new digital offerings and way to pull it off because we can get to so many people so fast.

[13:58] I wanna ask just again and another overall question, we look at trends if you look at say over the past decade or even more recent as things are changing so quickly, trends in the financial realm of American people that have made things continually worse and are there any that have helped things at all ?

[14:20] Well I think on the personal finance front where you see that the student loan thing has continued to grow and continue to get out of control. So the student loan debacle bubble crisis whether we want to call it is still very very real. Credit cards I mean we’ve been fighting those for thirty years and I don’t know that they’re any worse than they were but they’re not any better. I mean they’re still a pariah with this. Convincing people that the American dream is not dead, there’s a percentage of our population that has kind of surrendered and become a little bit hopeless that is a little different than it was maybe thirty years ago when we started and so I feel like I’m spending a lot of my emotional or spiritual energy convincing people that and giving you know giving them data points to prove it that yeah you too can win financially. You can retire with dignity, you can retire a millionaire, you can change your family tree and it’s making people believe that they can do that. Where when I was growing up as like Ira by I thought you could do it, it was just you know what how are we gonna do it and what were the steps I was a tactical but it was it didn’t feel like the system was rigged against us when I was growing up and a lot of people kind of have this idea that they’re stuck and it’s things that they’re a victim of the economy or the political system or whatever some kind of an ism is got them or something but it’s just we’re just reminding people and showing them data points that they too can win.

[18:34] So looking at it just again, the thing you’ve been battling for so long, the average person over spending has anything changed, are there any categories that we are overspending more, doing more, unnecessary expenditures and then before or is it pretty much just the same?

[18:52] I think we have a new thing that has occurred probably in the last decade and been increasing on a curve in the last decade and that is keeping up with the Jones was just taken on a whole new level of energy was social media. Rachel talks about this, my daughter has a number one New York Times best selling book that was I love your life not there’s. And the whole premises is that you can’t look at Facebook and won’t look at someone else’s highlight reel and compare your life to their highlight reel. And because you will spin yourself into oblivion trying to keep up with something that’s not real, because no one puts pictures on Facebook of their kid screaming in a restaurant you know no one puts a picture on their Facebook that the couple fighting is stressing out over payments on this car that they should not bought, no one puts on Facebook you know the junk of our lives. They only put on there, look at me, my life is great and then you try to keep up with their false life and you can really mess up your money.

[20:35] Hey Dave, all in within the same aspect of you talking about moving from boss to leader, when you started and here you are now, has the legacy that you want to leave changed or involved much or is a pretty much solid on where you started?

[20:53] Well probably was starting the legacy was something about me and or something about the people that I have helped and now the legacy is going to be are we able to build this organization in such a way that it survives for me. And that these personalities on this or leadership team is able to continue to love people well and help them long after I’m gone in a way that’s even better than when I was here, that the sales increase, the you know the growth is there you know they just look back and they go I’m not sure how we are made without all miles that hold you back you know and that would be a real legacy.

[21:58] Coming up in show 532, you guessed it…we drill into Dave Ramsey’s personal, daily habits for success, following the 7 spokes of the Ziglar Wheel of Life. Some interesting things, he and his wife Sharon get up at 4:45 every morning together to talk, pray and go go over plans for the day. She then works out at the gym while he uses his home gym and some running trails, he still spends time budgeting! Though it’s admittedly looking at bigger expenses and not the grocery budget. He mentors a group of local, young pastors. And he believes recreating is “re-creating” and devotes time to joys such as barefoot skiing at his lakehouse. It was a fun through with him over the 7 spokes of the Ziglar Wheel of Life. Till then, thank you…for letting me walk with you as we inspire our true performance, together!