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[00:01] Welcome to The Ziglar Show, where we inspire your true performance. I’m your host Kevin Miller and today we are talking about you. Specifically, your potential! Zig gives us a 2 minutes story about potential, telling the classic story about Spindletop, the famous oil gusher in TX that led America into the oil age.  From Zig’s story I asked my Facebook page at agentkmiller, “What is a skill, ability, or talent you have, that you’ve worked hard to increase and grow?” The comments were significant and pointed to some truths about having potential, but it’s nothing until we grow and refine it and having natural skill or ability does not mean mastery will be easy. It will just be…possible.

[04:37] All right Michelle, so this topic Zig talks about finding our potential, I’ll tell you right off that I have been guilty in my life time multiple times but they can you know I really good at that and I could just do it naturally, and just try to make it that way and I had my missteps and it still took me a while to get it ingrained that know I still have to, even if it’s an incredible gift, even if it’s brilliant; I’ve got to refine it, I’ve got to work on it in order to actually get fruit out of it. I don’t know if that’s just me or if that’s just the human condition, what you think?

[05:13] I think it’s everybody. You know it’s not just we want to believe that, we can just do whatever we want without any work or preparation is it’s just not realistic. Now if it’s something that you’re naturally good at it might be a little less work and somebody else but it still takes discipline and focus and effort to be at a level of success you want to be in any area.

[06:21] Let me dive in to some of the really good questions because it brings good things.

[06:25] Susie: Discipline and newfound focus! I spent last weekend at a two days intensive seminar setting goals for 2018 and evaluating where I am now. As they said “we need to have a healthy level of disgust to make a real change”. I am wasting my God given potential for greatness with misguided focus and lack of dependence on scripture that says God wants to give me the desires of my heart. Ask, seek, knock… those are action words! Even though we know it’s all about God….He commands us to take action. Lots of difficult business changes but I know God will bless my alignment and hard work if I can get out of my own way.

[08:20] It’s like you that stuck out to me from the comment because I never really thought of it that way healthy level of disgust but you know it’s pretty much spot on when I think about where I was back in 2008, when I decided to write my book in kind of step into my greatness if you will and but it was not because I was just sitting around so happy. It was because I was sick and tired of not living to my full potential, not using the gifts that I felt God has given me and and just not really owning what I had and so it’s funny that’s the were discussed but I do recall that feeling of like this can’t be it, there has to be more to life, more to my life than the rest. And by God I do something about it you know, so I really like that.

[10:32] Tyson: I feel I’m just getting warmed up. Each year I chose a word that becomes my focus for that year. In 2018 my word is CONNECTION. Through connection my growth both personally and professionally will exceed my expectations.

[11:32] It is a great tactic, I mean and it’s like you said it’s simple in our minds tend to go toward simplicity. So instead of over complicating it and that’s the kind of thing you can post it in your office, you can put it on your cell phone, you know screensaver but just wherever you can see that word over and over again, so that every decision every thought you can ask him I doing something toward you know my connection word my focus for the year. And I love of his connection because connection is in anything in life. Clearly we know that in relationships like marriage and friendship but really if you think about in business everything is about relationships right. And it’s really so important that you learn how to connect with other people you know the life is just not just all about you but it’s about connecting with others especially in business.

[14:16] April: I am planning to grow in my self confidence. Specifically, I am hoping to join the FBI by the end of next year. Way out of my comfort zone in all aspects but it’s a career that I am passionate about and willing to work hard to obtain.

[15:12] I want to know the story you know what makes somebody want to be in the F.B.I. I love that and I love that April is passionate about it because you’re more likely to be successful when there is passion in the equation. And the work on self confidence will for sure absolutely help in that area that my goodness that helps and every area. When you feel good about yourself you feel good about your relationships or others about being in relationship with you or working with you and so that is important. And you know I love that and it is pretty simplistic writing so every decision that you make when it comes to where you invest your time you know instead of watching a T.V. show, going to read something that will help boost your self-confidence or listen to some that will boost your self confidence. And if you always have it in front of you remember you know that what’s the focus for this year, awesome, it helps just to direct the steps.

[17:52] Scott: I’ve developed an artistic side completely divorced from my binary technology career. I’ve spent the past 2 years learning to make beautiful jewellery from raw materials like silver and gold ingots and raw stones. It’s been quite a journey, AND profitable!!!

[19:04] I love this because it actually inspires me. So you know just to be very vulnerable, it is going to probably sound silly but you know I from my career you know you all know what I do and I speak and I help people write books and all but I have this desire to paint and what’s funny Kevin is I’ve never painted, but I think I am feeling the older I get and the more I guess comfortable in my skin and I am wanting to develop that artistic side of me. And I just feel it calling to paint. I haven’t done it yet because life has been in a way that is just totally inspired me. You could be doing anything and still have another gift within you that you don’t even know is there yet and you know it happened for him why not let it happen to me and everyone else.

[24:32] Lisa: Leadership skills and inter- personal professional skills. I believe I had it in me but it took inspiration and very patient, and persistent mentors to grow these traits in me.

[26:22] That’s a great point I have never really thought about it that way but you’re so right. I mean even just at my house we’re having a lot of conversations it’s finals week and so of course our focus is on where there is, you know maybe where they’re struggling but I love that Lisa you know was saying that leadership skills interpersonal skills and recognizing how important that is and having someone else also promote that in you.

[30:43] Evan CEO of Ziglar: I would say cold calling for appointments.

[31:05] I know Evan and you know what if he is not alone, I don’t think anyone is really good at it like you said or enjoys it. I always have a look I’ve been in sales my whole life and I’ve always looked cold calling though as a means to an end and I learned this from Zig and I learned this from reading secrets closing of sales you know for every no you’re that much closer to a yes and you just have to keep calling and keep calling and after a while it becomes again. And I started to kind of like cold calling back in the day when I worked in Ziglar, we did like one hundred calls a day and it was not fun. It was not so that anybody was actually good at that it was just a formula.

[32:58] Jeff Jones – The ability to speak in front of thousands without wanting to throw up!!! Now, it’s very natural to me.

[34:58] We do, we want life to be easy, don’t we? But you know whenever I teach about goal setting, that’s what Zig said it, I say you know it still takes discipline and hard work, nothing in life comes easy but the beauty that here’s the difference when you step a goal or you go towards something you have passion, yes it does takes work but that because that passion holes you you don’t have to push it, it just seems to be a little bit easier.

[38:56] OK folks, I’m eager to hear from more of you on what skill, talent, ability you are honing, or think you might start! You can connect with me on Facebook at agentkmiller. Coming up next in show 522 we bring you Lewis Howes. His podcast “The School of Greatness” is one of the top 100 on planet earth. His book by the same name is a big best seller. His latest book and message is the Mask of Masculinity. This was a flat out intriguing interview. To whet your appetite, we talk through:

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Which do you wear guys? And women, what can you learn from this? Well, tune in to find out. Till then, thank you for letting me walk with you as we inspire our true performance…together!