Ziglar Wheel of Life with Carrie Wilkerson:


After now having lost more than half of her weight since she was 29, Carrie raves about changing things a little bit at a time.

It’s an every day process.

  • Find what diet works for you. For Carrie it’s the Ketogenic diet. (Low carb, high fat)



The family members are shareholders.

Communication of expectation.

Investment of time is very important.

Focus on your gratitude, before the whine.



Eat for your brain!

Sleep for your brain!



“If you can’t afford it don’t buy it, if you don’t understand the contract for the financing, don’t sign it, and if yours isn’t broken, don’t replace it.”

Be intentional with your money.

Don’t spend in speculation, be smart in what you’re investing in.



Your spiritual life is your fuel. Your relationship with God is the fuel for life, not just there when we “need things”.

We must go to our bible directly, instead of relying on other’s interpretations.

“You wouldn’t build a romantic relationship third-party. You would spend time with that person.”



Know what your motive is. When you know your motive, then you can prioritize the most important thing is that you can do that day.

Be present and engaged where you are.



Musical theatre, going to see musicals.

Show Transcription

[00:16] Welcome to The Ziglar Show, where we inspire your true performance. I’m your host Kevin Miller and today we are back with round two with Carrie Wilkerson, our esteemed guest in show 519 right before this one. We are walking through the 7 spokes of the Ziglar Wheel of Life with her and getting a behind the scenes glimpse at her personal, daily habits for success. Is she just Wonder woman incarnate? Well, as you heard in show 519, she digs Wonder woman. But no, she’s not. She had no leg up more than you or me, but she had desire and she did the work and she really, truly wants to help you and me. And it comes from daily habits. Some highlights, at 29 years old she was 5’2” and weighed 266 pounds. Today she’s 45 and is 150lbs lighter. She believes her brain is her biggest asset and eats to feed her brain. She guards her sleep, especially before a speaking engagement. Financially she believes ‘upgrading’ is a disease we have to stop. She thinks multitasking is a myth and her personal vice is…musicals. You will enjoy this.

[03:44] Physical: I always grappled with my weight a little as a kid, probably right when I hit puberty and I just you know chunky. I was a little curvy than the others in high school but nothing crazy. I put on the same freshman fifteen or twenty you know that we hear about all the time and then I got married, it was like political art on the life raft right. So combination of hormones and stress and life changes and really just being in charge of my own eating was a problem. So but then by a pattern of dieting also was self destructive. So you lose fifteen and gain thirty and that’s just how it works and your body changes shape. So long story short is I found myself at 29 years old at 266 pounds and I am 5’2’’. It’s just a lot of weight and I always thought I was medium to large bone right because that’s what we tell ourselves but my doctor told me recently you have the tiniest frame of any patient I’ve ever had. So that I had had enough and when I hit two 266 and I decide to make some choices. I was at a low point obviously depressed when they weighed 206 ounces. I remembered that it’s all we could say maybe the Lord just brought that to my mind that I made a promise that my kids would not volunteer. So I made a choice to stay and I said if I’m staying I’m going to have to make some changes. I was in a very big position of debt that position, I had successfully managed a business into a financially precarious places that I had made a series of decisions and I was very overweight, my health was not good and I just decided to change things a little bit. So the first change I made and I said I will loose 20 pounds this week.

[11:50] Family: We’re super tight little family. There are six of us, so I guess we’re not a little family. You know our family I consider them shareholders. You know that’s something that I teach a lot and write about and I really believe that my business is not my business. My business is my family’s business, benefit or don’t benefit from it. One of my mentors has said to me for twenty something years time invested in one area is time taken away from and so if I’m investing time in a business or at the gym or meal prep, it’s time away from my family. So I either need to involve them incorporate them or sure as heck make sure it benefits them right. So their shareholders we have hard conversations about expectations for the family, for the business, before I start something new like a book or a travel plan or a contract that I set, I discussed it with my kids and my husband and I say this is what family, these are the pros, these are the cons, how to fix you. What you thing, how are we on board with this, what are we and then we pray about it together.

[15:09] Mental: So that’s a focus in our family right now. My mother in law is dealing. We’ve had several members of the family deal with that. And also because of my work and what I do, I feel like that’s my brain is my biggest asset. I would hope and so I have to keep a sharp. So we eat for our brains we found when we were eating to be healthier, it also affected our clarity and our intellect and so I wouldn’t even have said middle acuity unless I had a minute. So those kind of things we eat for meal clarity. I am usually very good about making sure I sleep well. This week has been kind of a scheduling be used and I did it on purpose so that I could cram some things together and be done by a certain deadline, so that then I could have a big space with my kids no obligations. So I did it on purpose but I am suffering days I mean a hard time finishing sentences I know you can’t tell because I’m talking so much but believe it or not I’m not feeling my sharpest right now. I’ve also discovered that like the night before a speech, I have to have about seven hours of sleep or I get a little foggy on stage, not probably the audience can’t tell but I can I get a little. I have a hard time running my emotions in. And I don’t feel as on it if I don’t have seven hours of sleep and I know that seems random but after all my speeches I now have a number if it’s less than this I noticed I was off it was more than this it wasn’t really necessary right. Seven hours is kind of my go to when I’m on the road.

[21:04] Financial: Somebody on Twitter posted the other day, they summed it up to if you can’t afford it don’t buy it. If you don’t understand the contract for the financing don’t sign it. If yours isn’t broken don’t replace it and I kind of like that I mean and I know that sounds super basic but while we keep upgrading, you know upgrade is like a disease after how to stop. I would say our biggest financial habit now beyond what it used to be very intentional with our money. Very intentional meaning yes we probably still eat out I know we eat out more than we did when we were paying off debt but it’s an intentional eating out it’s because oh she’s got practice here and she’s got volleyball here. So let’s make that date night you have, your date night with her here and I’ll have my date night here and that’ll be something special we do let’s budget for that right so it’s intentional money it’s intentional spends that we have. So those are some financial habits.

[23:40] Spiritual: You know I think one of the healthiest habits about food is changing your mind set from being a foodie to to fuelling and I think our spiritual eyes are the same way. You know it’s the necessary fuel if we don’t have a relationship we are not in the word, we’re not in a relationship in discussion with the Lord not just when we need things but because we need to hear from him. I think we see it suffer in other areas and it’s just like the friends that you don’t talk to but a couple of times a year and you wonder why you’re not closer to them then you are, well it’s because you’re not talking to them on a regular basis. You’re not in community with them, we’ve talked about community before, so I think we have in community with the Lord. We have to not just be talking at him but we have to be listening, we have to be reading and then I will say this is something I talked about on the Dr Dobson show, something I feel very very strongly about right now. We have turned over our spiritual growth and our Bible learning to Bible celebrities and we have so embrace the bumper sticker Bible culture, the beyond what we can ask or imagine I’m going to embrace that because God promised that.

[27:36] Career/Business: So I think first and foremost and now admittedly I always know when I slip out of these habits because it’s when things start to pile up, but I think first and foremost in your business, in your side hustle, in your career, in your job, you have to say what is my motive. What is my motive right now, is it just simply cash and for most people the answer is no. We don’t do what we do just for the money, we do what we do because of the greater good or because we want to adopt or because we want to have options for our kids or because we want to provide clean water or we want to sustain the Ziglar legacy or whatever that looks like for me, I wanted to be at home because I had adopted two children that needed some continuity for the first time in their lives. And so for me that was my first reason why that was my drill down. Now I did have bills that needed to be paid but I wasn’t working for the money. There’s a difference in money enabled me to be present for those kids evolved later to freeing my husband up to make some choices that evolved later again to paying off some debt that evolved later again to being home with all four of the kids, you know it will evolve, it will change but the fact is you have to drill down what is my motive for doing what I’m doing and if that’s my motive ok what do I do today, what are my habits today to make sure I’m working on the most important.

[30:26] Personal/Fun: We are Broadway show people, we are musical theatre people, they say a lot we don’t have any vices but good seats. So any excuse that I can make to go see some musical theatre whether my kids are in it or whether they’re with me. Now my kids primarily get three things, something to read, something to play with and an adventure. And I’m not going to lie several of them usually revolver a musical and they’re pretty amazing. I’m as excited about them because I usually get to go. So I would say that’s what I love and when I travel on business I look to see what’s playing where I am. So that’s probably and that you know I was a music major in college and I always thought I would be a singer so that’s the story of my life. I thought I was going to be a singer, I always knew I’d be on stage but I thought it would be musical but Diller took that dream you know, I saw quickly, I didn’t have the killer instinct and I had more of a gift with words actually but my kids, they’re so musical. So I think it’s just a great outlet for all of us, we all love it, we all play instruments, we’ll seeing, we love to go watch the production of that.

[31:56] I am grateful for one that the stage you claimed is one you have, so that we could benefit. Thank you for letting us go behind the scenes with you today and sharing your gift with us carrying so much.

[33:44] There you go…Carrie is a real person who just had desire and did the work! Again, connect with her at carriewilkerson.com. Coming up next in show 521 we listen to a short message from Zig Ziglar on finding your full potential. From that I asked my Facebook page at agentkmiller, “What is a skill, ability, or talent you have, that you’ve worked hard to increase and grow?” The comments were significant and pointed to some truths about having potential, but it’s nothing until we grow and refine it and having natural skill or ability does not mean mastery will be easy. It will just be possible.