We asked on Facebook: “What goals are you going after?”


-Goal setting is setting smaller goals that can lead to bigger goals!


-Come together with others who are already reaching the audience you want to impact, and expand that impact.


-Believe that what you have to bring and say is going to make a difference and change someone’s life.

“People will believe you to the exact degree that you believe in yourself.”


-In blogging and podcasting, feed off of those who are in similar fields as you. Listen to them, read them, and model. Keep your format the same as those who are succeeding, but keep your content unique.


-Being public with goals can sometimes be very beneficial because you gain support, and also accountability.


-Unlearning old thinking patterns.

Be forward thinking, but it’s good to go back and work through those old thinking patterns to move forward.


-Reprogram. Just because it’s a thought, doesn’t mean it’s true.