Michael Hyatt’s daily habits in the Ziglar wheel of life:



You’ve got to manage your energy, it’s not just something that happens.

  1. Rest
  2. Exercise (strength training and cardio)
  3. Avoid all processed food and take supplements



-Date night.

Many spouses struggle with this. Michael uses an “activation trigger” to stay true to this habit. Someone else makes a reservation for him and his wife every week at a restaurant, and this ensures that Michael will always be able to take that time away.

-Go to bed at the same time. Hold hands in bed, identify 3 wins for the day, and pray.



You’ve heard it before- READ.

Going to conferences.

If you want to grow in your leadership by reading, go check out Leaderbox.com to learn about Michael Hyatt’s leadership reading course.



Delegating the financial piece, and having a regular meeting with the financial advisor.

“Cashflow forecast” meeting once a week.



First thing in the morning:

  1. Reading the bible
  2. Praying/worshipping
  3. Journal, using the app “Day One”



At Michael Hyatt and Comapany there is complete promotion of radical margin.

-No work in the evenings

-No work on the weekends

-Unlimited paid time off

-After 3 years, encouragement of a 30 day paid sabbatical.

The reason is because it forces people to create boundaries and healthy habits that allow them to get the work done in the time they need to.

“If you don’t box [your career] in, it’ll bleed into everything else.”






Show Transcription

[00:15] Welcome to The Ziglar Show, where we inspire your true performance. I’m your host Kevin Miller and today we are talking through the successful habits of Michael Hyatt, our guest in the previous show #516 where we talked about making goals actually happen and my favorite line from Michael, “truly living the next 12 months, and not merely reliving the same year over again!” Don’t miss that show. But here we’ll go behind the scenes to find out what Michael Hyatt’s daily habits are. One I was intrigued by was “Radical Margin”!

 [01:00] And Michael Hyatt is one of them, he has an offer for you, or at least anyone who has ever set a goal they didn’t reach. Life happens, we get off course and distracted but we can’t let that happen year in and year out. The question Michael asks is…what will we do to make 2018 different? Folks, there is a real way to empower yourself to actually accomplish your goals next year. Michael will explain it all in his brand new webinar, Navigate Your Way to Success in 2018: 5 Blunders That Can Shipwreck Your Goals (And How to Avoid Them).

[01:46] OK friends, let’s hear Michael Hyatt’s daily habits of success!

[02:55] Physical – All right well Michael an immense message that we got from our main show with you on your book your best year ever and obviously in that we talk specifically about habits. You took us and talking about achievement goals and habit goals but here we want the behind the scenes on you on your personal daily are so habits, the things that you do in the Ziglar wheel of life to keep yourself strong and well and rolling smoothly. Number one we dive in is just physical What does Michael Hyatt do for his physical well being.

[03:29] Yeah this is something I pay a ton of attention to because one of the things I’ve learned is that energy is not something that just happens, it’s cost. If you want to be energetic and have the energy you need to accomplish all that you want to accomplish, you’ve got to manage your energy and that comes down to managing your physiology. So for me at the kind of the top of the pyramid there is rest, getting adequate rest. There is a study that was done that people get six hours of sleep or less a night, have the focus and attention of somebody who’s legally drunk. So rest is critically important. I don’t a lot better, I’m a much better husband, much better father when I’ve had enough rest. So you think exercise I work out five days a week; three of those are strength training especially my age of 62 you know I want to make sure that I’m flexible and mobile and strong so I do strength training three days a week and cardio two days a week. And then my diet you know there are some food you always eat, there’s something to contribute to a high octane lifestyle and some don’t. So I avoid all processed food, I take supplements on a regular basis so that my body has the nutrients it needs to function the optimal level.

[04:39] Family: The next one Michael is Family and you know that family is so near and dear to me that I’ve been on a journey of really keeping you know my family at the pinnacle of my priority and I know your family support as well. So what habits do you have around the area family to share.

[04:56] Yeah sure two of them. One is date night and that’s not unique, a lot of people do it a lot of people struggle with it. One of the concepts I talk about in my book your best year ever is something called activation triggers. And this is something that sets you up for success and really makes it almost impossible to fail. So one of the things that happened to me a couple years ago was that I got lax in my day night routine and usual would happen is Thursday night when we normally have date night, I would get to the point where I got to get reservations, you know I mean just like we just scuttled it. So I said there’s going to be a better way. So I said my assistant Jim that date night is now your responsibility. I want you to make sure that I have reservations at a restaurant every week, so that I don’t bail out on a date night, it’s worked beautifully. That’s just a time for Gil and I get alone and really connect with one another. Another habit that we do is that we get together as we go to bed; we go to bed at the same time which by the way is another habit I highly recommend for families, we go to bed at the same time every night and we lay in bed together and hold hands and we do two things. Number one is we identify three wins for the day. The alternative to this is the just kind of grind and all those things that didn’t work out, you know with regret or worry about things that have not yet happened but instead we’re grateful. We identified who wins and then we pray together and we give thanks for what happened.

[06:49] Mental: Tell us how are you staying mentally sharp and on top.

[06:57] Reading is the primary thing. And I read a lot. So I would I read typically about four books a week, there’s about four weeks of month which I refer to a week before books a month and the way I do that is on my cardio days, when I’m working out I’m listening to the books on audio so audio books. That’s been huge for me actually even strength training days I do that except one kind of workout run, can’t do it but so at least 40 a week that’s what I’m doing; plus, I have about an hour walk out every day and just sit down and read with a traditional book. I actually have a reading program called leader blocks where we send out two books a month to people that are subscribers to that where I walk them through those books because I believe that stain start mentally and growing intellectually is so important.

[08:47] Financial: Michael you know that’s an area, that’s a pain point for a lot of us and so you know various different seasons of life and so what’s your habits around this area?

[09:02] I’m pretty good at it when I really get focused on it. But I kind of consider this in my something it to my free focus course like disinterest zone which is in other words I’m good at it. But I don’t have any passion around it. And so what used to happen to me is I just never got any attention and at points in my life it was a crisis. You know I went through business failure in the early 90’s and a lot of that was I just wasn’t paying attention to the numbers. And so I realized that I don’t have to do anything myself, you know I can delegate the things I’m not passionate. So one of my habits is a regular meeting with my financial advisor in fact we just met yesterday at my home. So we’ll be together twice a year officially and sometimes for other business like yesterday in between but I let him surface that stuff to my attention. So it’s a little bit of an activation trigger I said to him I would have two official meetings a year for you and that’s kind of my habit everything’s go around that in the business, I have some habits built around my finances as well.

[11:05] Spiritual: Your spiritual life and and vibrancy, what do you do there Michael?

[11:13] This is the most important component of my morning routine. So I get up typically about five o’clock, I get up at about four thirty recently especially the time change. First thing I do is I read from the Bible. So for years I red through the Bible every year, so that it gives me a selection from the old testament, selection from the new testament songs and proverbs and it’s a digestible kinda incremental course of Scripture that I can read and digest. And I’m always on the hunt for something that stands out to me. That’s number one. The number two is I pray and you know I have a list of people that I pray for, there are things that I pray for, some of just worship and pray but that’s what I do second. The third thing I do, by the way these are interspersed with coffee of course, but that’s the third thing I do is I journal. So this is a habit that I’ve been doing for about we think here six years now.

[16:02] Career: What kind of habits you have around your career that you feel you know kind of help you in that area?

[16:17] This is going to be counterintuitive but because you are part of leader box and you read that first book to read and it teaches a pretty focus. We are very intentional about margin. In fact radical margin is one of our core values. So we don’t like it when people work on the evenings, we don’t let people work on the weekends, we shame them if they do it. We insist that they take vacations, we have unlimited paid time off. After three years we encourage them and pay for them to take a thirty day paid sabbatical. Here’s what is it just because we’re amazing altruistic people, well I’d like to think so but I don’t think that’s really the reason, I just know that when people are rested they come back and in fact if you go to my website and this will be different whatever the stairs, but there’s an article that menu what are the people who work for us, who’ve been with us for three years. She just took a thirty sabbatical this summer and she wrote about it and she talked about all this she gained what it did for. She wasn’t contact with the authors for thirty days. She talks about the challenges and that her fears and that but what it did for her frame of mind when she came back but here’s the deal in terms of a habit when you observe that habit, it forces you to get innovative about how can I get the work done for 40 hours a week. If there are no boundaries then the work leads into your evenings, it leads into your weekends and it screws up all these other components that make up this wheel.

[18:10] Personal: What helps fill you so that you’re able to pour your gift and to others what makes you whole Michael.

[18:21] It change from time to time. Certainly I like reading but I play golf on Sunday. I love that it’s a little bit like fishing, I love fishing too. It’s like a friend of mine said when you’re fishing you’re doing something which ain’t doing much, and I like it because it kind of takes my mind off the future or the past and I can just be present in that moment. I find it enormously relaxing on my sabbatical this past year always take yelling to a sabbatical and in August and we don’t communicate at the office during that whole time. She got me started painting something she does and I’ve never painted before and it was a blast.

[21:45] I trust you are inspired from hearing what Michael actually does to help him succeed. I got a lot from this interview. Coming up next in show 518 we hear a short clip from Zig Ziglar on goals and what the true purpose is, then we hear from a list of people on Facebook who shared the goals they are working toward right now. Michelle Prince and I talk through them for a rich conversation. Till then, thank you, for letting me walk with you as we inspire our true performance, together!