Dr. Henry Cloud’s habits for wellness:



Get some outside help, gain an external structure of checkups and trainers, especially if you know you won’t do it on your own.


Whether you’re single or married, family is where we are grounded, it’s your support.

Get together regularly with your family.

Create structure for your family time.

Sit down and plan your year with family time as a priority.


Looking at these three categories:

  • Physical Brain
    • Sleep
    • Keep the right stuff going into your body
    • Movement
  • Mental, the “software”
    • Read, and read something about benefitting your mental performance
    • Spiritual fuel, reading the Bible
    • Handing over worries to God, and resting
  • Relational
    • When you feel loved, you know you’re cared for, you know you have people helping you, then your mental performance is better.


With all the habits that we focus on (apart from money), those are the things that develop into our foundation for success.

First 10% or however much goes to God, save a part for the future, live on a fracture of your income, spend on your passions and for your relationships, and let the right people steward your money.


Boating, fishing, and golf.

You’ve got to live a life that’s integrated.

Show Transcription

[00:15] Welcome to The Ziglar Show, where we inspire your true performance. I’m your host, Kevin Miller, and today is our Habits show, where we take you behind the scenes with Dr Henry Cloud, our esteemed guest from the previous episode, number 513, where he taught us the art and training of true leadership. You may know him from his bestselling classic book, Boundaries. In this show we walk through the seven spokes of the Ziglar Wheel of Life to see what Dr. Cloud’s personal habits are to keep him strong and succeeding in each area.

[00:50] He needs outside help when it comes to exercise; he and his wife have been in a committed couples group for 12 years; he believes high performers make sleep a priority. His experience is people who focus too much on money either never have it or they lose it. He mentally pictures handing his stresses to God, and he gets great personal joy from golfing and boating!

[03:23] Here then, folks, I bring you Dr. Henry Cloud’s habits of success!

[03:33] All right, Dr. Cloud, after hearing so much in our first interview about success and the principles there, and the leadership university, here we wanna go through these Ziglar’s Wheel of Life, the seven spokes.

[04:00] Physical: Well, one of the things I learned was that you really need some outside help in that area. Somebody asked me, “How is your cholesterol?” I said, “Great,” and they said, “What is it?” and I said, “It is just great!” They asked me, “What is the number?” and I said, “Don’t you know what causes cholesterol? It is a test!” So, one of the habits that really helped me is I learned the external structure, because I just ignore the physical as I feel good most of the times. External structure of trainers and a class needed. Very difficult to make something sustainable that I hate. I have to find ways to move and get active that I enjoy. When I’m on the road, I get fat. My trainer come to my house. When I am in shape, portion sizes fit in the palm of my hand.

[08:54] Family: I got married later in my 30s. And family is very important for me. Even in my single years, I had a small group of friends that every Wednesday night, we have a name for it, we call it Wednesday Night Family Night, and every Wednesday we are all going to be there. And we have dinner and sit around and talk, we have a regular show that we watch. Whether you are family or single, family is where we are grounded.

[15:22] Mental: It is actually a separate thing from knowledge, and actually — because I can tell you that we exist in triad. There is our brain, the physical organ, and there is our mind. So the physical organ is the hardware and there is software. And the third part of the triangle is the relationship. We think better when we are in relationship. So when I think of mental, I think of those three. What I learn is the physical organ of the brain is important and you’re really gonna take care of that. And one of the things that high performers do, different from any other group, is sleep. You’ve got to take care of the things that affect your brain. I avoid sugar, heavy carbs, in order to keep everything in order.

[27:24] Financial: If you talk about getting financial success, it is interesting because the way I would see it is all the things we talked about is the way to success. I just come to see over and over, there are people who focus on money, either never have it or when they get it, it goes bad somehow. You know, Michael Jordan didn’t become financially successful focusing on money, but on being great at what he did. Money is a kind of result, but you can do all the right things and have the results starts to happen. And so my financial habits are pretty simple and they have really never changed.

[35:53] Spiritual: I read and study Scriptures to renew my mind. So every morning or middle of the night — we have the habit of going through stress while lying in bed — I physically picture myself handing all the stress to God and leaving everything to God.

[36:25] Career/Business: At one significant time of our life, my wife and I looked and thought, “Why would we change? We don’t need a bigger house or fancy cars.” And we decided it really doesn’t matter. More money can’t make you happier. You just have the money to serve you well.

[37:22] Personal: My father got me golf and my mother got me fishing. I was afraid of water, so she would drag me out when I was little and my father hated to fish. So we spent time on that.

[39:48] OK, friends, that was some profound schooling on leadership. Again, go to drcloud.com to get connected with Dr. Cloud and all he has to offer you. Thanks to all for the recent iTunes review; we’ve got a great one today, specifically about the interview we had with renowned comedian Michael JR. If you got value from Dr. Cloud today, tell him, us, and everyone with an iTunes review.

Coming up next in show 515, we listen to a few minutes of Zig Ziglar onstage talking about…marriage. From his message we asked folks at my agentkmiller Facebook page, “If you’re married, would you share what intentional investments do you routinely make into your marriage that help strengthen it?” We received more responses than on any other question, I believe, and it was such a rich, rich talk I had with my co host Michelle Prince to discuss what everyone shared. If you are married or intend to be, hear what is working for people! Thank you for letting me walk with you as we inspire our true performance together!