We asked: Is there a challenging area in your life where you’re struggling to understand how you can change things for the better?

Many of the responses regarded going into self-employment:

  • “I have a big problem breaking away from the safety of my job and moving into self-employment…what if I fail? And it’s not just for me, but my family as well.”
  • “I feel like both my husband and I need life coaches…we bought productivity planners and a trip to set goals, and have done nothing with it since we got home… I’m tired of spending money on self-help stuff that we don’t apply.”


First – get clarity on the “why,” and then you can set goals and make plans.

You don’t have to “take the leap” fully. Start your business in little ways, on the side, with what you can.


Don’t be afraid to get your family involved with your passions to see how you struggle, fail, but also succeed.


Remember: profit is a great thing, money is a trade of value for dollar. The more money you make, actually, the more people you help.


The more someone invests in their product, and in themselves, the more they are willing to make change.


What is humanity going to miss out on if you don’t go after your passion and do best? (Even if you are still figuring that out.)


  • “I left my sales career almost five years ago because I wanted to escape the profit-before-people way of doing business that every company I worked for lived by… but today I feel more confused and less focused than ever.” Where does one begin to come up with a viable business idea that includes all the things that he/she is passionate about?

– Make a list of all the things that you feel you can provide value in, your hobbies, and define the things you enjoy.

-The magic happens when you have a passion, you enjoy doing something, and you are good at doing it!

-Look at your circumstances and understand what is viable right now, and don’t worry about being the most unique in the bunch. There is opportunity everywhere.

-Get some expert help, someone who can help you figure out what’s viable for you, your family, and your finances.

-If you want to be successful, you have to invest in yourself.