“What caused you to finally start? Maybe you had a wish, desire or need, but time went on and you didn’t act. Then, finally, ___X___ happened and you started forward, took a step, leapt. What was the cause? Why did you finally go forward?”

Some answers we received were:

-Support from friends or people close to you. Who you are listening to around you will make an impact on your life.

  • If you don’t have that kind of support in your life.:this could be mentorship from a paid source, looking for a group to join in your community, or even creating your own group!


-Unhappiness with your current employment.


-Digging deep, having courage to do some internal reflection.


-Creating a deadline.




-Inspiration from podcasts or sermons.

Show Transcription 

[00:01] Welcome to The Ziglar Show, where we inspire your true performance. I’m your host, Kevin Miller, and we asked this question to our Ziglar listeners: “What caused you to finally start?” You were going along, maybe had a wish or desire or need, but time went on and you didn’t act. Then, finally, ___X___ happened and you started forward, took a step, leapt. What was the cause? Why did you finally go forward?

[00:30] Of course, we got a slew of great responses that my co-host Michelle Prince and I are about to share with you. Why? To help you in the next thing…YOU…want to truly get started on, but may feel hamstrung by something. A better explanation, however, comes from Zig Ziglar himself. Here is a two-minute clip that will drive it home.

[02:34] OK, for all those who don’t want to get cooked in the squat…let’s get you inspired and free…to rise!

[02:45] Ok, Michelle, let’s answer these questions that we put out there and for which we got some incredible answers. Let’s start with the question:  “What caused you to finally start?” You were going along, maybe had a wish or desire or need, but time went on and you didn’t act. Then, finally, ___X___ happened and you started forward, took a step, leapt. What was the cause? Why did you finally go forward? Let’s dive in.

[03:26] Gerry Baird  I had always dreamed of writing a book. I knew what I wanted to write, and had been talking about it for six years. I had a thousand questions about the process of self-publishing, but a friend encouraged me to set aside my questions and just do the creative work. I wanted perfection, but he introduced me to the idea of “good enough.” That conversation was the kick in the pants I needed to take the plunge. I was amazed by how things came together after I finally took that first step. Now, three years later, I just published my 48th book.

[04:34] When he says “good enough,” there is a quote when I was preparing for my book writing that I hold onto and the quote was: “You don’t have to get it right to get it going. You just have to get going.” One little step leads to the next step. People think they need to know all the answers of all the questions before writing the book, but you don’t.

[05:26] Aaron Bull  Not sucking up at all. You know me better than that, Kevin! For me it was meeting you, then meeting your dad. After running your dad’s site for awhile, and an opportunity was presented to leave my former full-time gig, I finally made the leap and started my own biz. That was 12 years ago this month that I left that job.

[06:48] If I think back from the time I started my journey, my business, and as I grew and evolved, every step of the way, every time I feel a little higher because I get surrounded by great people, or a mastermind, or I was listening to the people who have different views, and that’s really the key. You know, if you don’t learn new things, you don’t meet anyone new, you will stay exactly where you are. So he looked at you and your dad and was inspired by your success. We all have the ability to just share our experience with others. And that will help others to get inspired.

[08:15] Evan Herrman  Creating a deadline. I am creating a podcast where I invite individuals that are strong in areas that I want to be stronger in and have them coach me in the process on the podcast. My hope is that it will also help others with the wisdom the guests bring, and that the listeners do not feel alone.

[09:54] Deadlines are like we all are in fear of not hitting something, but I have to like the deadline date, which means something to you. So, for example, when I first wrote the book and published the book, I literally had the book in my hand but I didn’t have any plan to launch it. Some good people advised me to launch it. I had several dates for my book launch but I picked my birthday. It motivates me, as I didn’t want to miss that date as it has double meaning — i.e., book launch and my birthday. So, whatever works, whether it is a deadline or dates, whatever works to get it done.

[13:01] Marvin Penick  I tend to act when I hear a podcast or sermon that resonates with me.

[13:49] And I think that is why Zig Ziglar is so loved and so popular. You know, even long after he is gone, we are still talking about him. He had the ability that someone just listened to his message; it would inspire them, motivate them, encourage them, because sometimes we can not be in our own world.

[16:01] Kriste Elmore  Burn out! Plain and simple. I wasn’t passionate about being a nurse anymore. My husband helped me sort through what I was passionate about. People. Helping people. So I left nursing after 17 years to pursue real estate. Ironically, what I’ve realized is my passion is telling Matt’s (my husband) small home maintenance, remodeling and construction story. My desire is to help his business grow. I love story-telling and I appreciate how he guides people to help them fulfill their home by design goals. We’re working through Don Miller’s book now, and we have our first meeting with our Small Business Development Centre! Exciting things happening in Corsicana, TX!!! Thank goodness I found your podcast. It has given us direction in very real, applicable ways. Thank you!

[17:48] You are absolutely right. It’s so hard though. I actually relate to this, because when I think about getting motivated to write my book, there is a lot of pain, a lot of happiness. I wasn’t happy in my job, and that pain triggered me to start digging deep. This is crazy, I mean, I am adult, I have children, I can’t be younger, this is not all that I created, and it forced me to start asking questions, and that’s when I started to think this is not the life I wanted to live. And I’m gonna make a change, and that really motivated me.

[24:28] Rick Marion  I got out of my own way. In other words, overcoming the mental blocks that I allowed to prevent taking action. How – through supportive relationships.

[25:11] When you are in the moment, you don’t think that’s a big deal, but it sounds crazy when you hear that somebody has gone through the same you have. And we can turn around and think that we can be the same person. So what could you say to inspire someone, to encourage someone? Maybe you can see something that they can’t. A lot of time we rely on someone else to believe in us, then we believe in ourselves. And it is so important to surround yourself with those people who can see that in you and help you to achieve it.  

[29:03]  Renee Bosworth Schultz I saw a picture of myself and literally didn’t recognize myself, as I had gained weight. I prayed God would show me how to take it off. I am an active person and overall fairly healthy eater. He finally led me to see a friend of mine who had lost weight and was looking great. She led me to a book and way to lose weight that worked for me in a healthy way. It’s been great. Twenty pound loss since August and feeling great!

[30:52] One thing I learned from you is that when you invest in something, a coach or counselor or something like that, when you are investing in something you are more likely to be committed to the outcome. I’ll give you a great example. So I have been a part of so many masterminds, counselors, in my whole career, because I really truly believe in them. So I invested a lot of money in it, but I never see it as spending money. So, if you are not really invested in something, you are not really committed to it.

[33:47]  Don McCallum I had slipped from recording a new song every two weeks, to only one a month, because I had been sick, and depressed. When I got to a month and a half, I became more depressed that I had stopped for so long! I got up and sang! Pretty happy with the results.

[35:37] I love what you said, Kevin, that we know that it’s coming, the setbacks and everything, but don’t let anything stop you from moving forward. I love this analogy of thinking about goals. I mean, we all set goals, and you think I am gonna work every day and then you miss one day and then again a day, and by missing every time you may think just forget about it, I am not gonna move forward. You just have to keep working and readjust the due dates or deadlines or commitments.

[37:58]  Audrey Because the pain of staying in the same place was finally greater than my fear of change.

[39:04] At the end of the day, life is too short to settle, too short to not live the life, you know — using your gifts, your talents, happy and joyful, and if you don’t try, if you don’t take the risk, even if you fail, you can still, at the end, be better off to try again. You will become a different person by trying. Life is too short to settle, so let’s not settle on our goals.

[41:36] So are you ready to progress toward what you feel called and inspired to? Me too, let’s make it happen. Did you get value here? Please let us know by leaving a review in iTunes, it’s the best way to say thanks to us and Ziglar. Coming up next in show 510, we bring you one of America’s premier comedians. But the show…isn’t funny. Ok, sure, some of it is. But it’s also one of the most heartfelt, sincere, and motivating interviews I’ve ever done. Michael Jr. is our guest. His mission is to “comedically inspire people to walk in purpose.” He is accomplishing this in massive numbers while onstage with The Tonight Show, Jimmy Kimmel, BET, Comedy Central, Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday and Tedx Talks. He will shortly be in a movie theatre near you in a starring role for the feature film, “Selfie Dad.”