Kevin Harrington’s habits in the core areas of life:


– Kevin is 60 years old, and has a 30 year plan for his future life. He believes he will still be kicking at 90 years old, because of his genes, but also largely because he is physically very healthy.

– Staying healthy gives a good mental attitude through the day, which is very important to Kevin.


– Intentional, scheduled family time, and honoring that by no distraction (cell phones).


– Keeping a mental focus on what’s happening in the world and also what is going on in the businesses that he is involved with.

– Fuel yourself with information and curiosity by staying up to speed.


– Kevin’s mother came from a family with financial expertise, and his father was very entrepreneurial.

– Kevin grew up around some very successful families.

– It was very important for Kevin to be responsible for his own cost of being on the planet, starting from a young age onwards.


– Kevin was brought up in a strict catholic environment, and felt very close-knit with the church, due to his mother’s devotion and involvement.

– Making sure that you build up the people in your community is one of the key things that he took from this upbringing into business.


-Scheduling time to give back to the entrepreneurial community.

  • Weekly, delegating time for each of the various things he needs to do.


– Playing golf, bowling, going to concerts, Thursday night football, watching basketball, etc.

– Wake up knowing that you’re blessed, wake up ready to hit the ground running.

-“The excitement of my day is understanding the new things that are coming.”

Show Transcription

[00:11] Welcome to The Ziglar Show, where we inspire your true performance. I’m your host Kevin Miller and today I bring back to you, the original Shark Tank member himself, Kevin Harrington. Inventor of the infomercial, net worth of half a billion dollars by creating relationships with his audience, the focus of our main interview in the previous show, #507. Today we find out what the shark does in his personal life. HIs daily habits. Some points we found out…he’s the same weight at 60 as when he graduated high school, he has a 15-min hotel workout ritual, he believes taking care of his fellow many is most important, he has a 30 years legacy plan for his career…that will take him to age 90 and he has fun by attending sporting events. I do not believe there is much Kevin does, ever, that is not fully intentional. Find out what fuels his voracious appetite for progress. Connect with him at

[01:31] If you’re ready…here we go!

[01:34] Alright Kevin, looking at the Ziglar’s wheel of life, the seven areas of success, Zig outlined for us. I wanna run through and ask you about your healthy habits, daily, weekly, monthly, whatever they may be and each of the areas and dive in on each of the sides.

[01:52] Physical: What do you as we talked about in the last show and you talked about the next 30 years of your life that gonna take you to the age of 90, what you are doing for your physical well being.

[02:02] So you know it is great that I have the goal to be 90 and the good news is that I have that belief that my father also lives 93 years, so I believe I have that fundamental genes, I think I was born in to the family, we all have that kind of young mind. My father at the age of 90 was still driving and alert literally for 24 hours before he passed. So it all starts with me being a healthy person. You know I am 60 years old and over a year I am very athletic, in school I played football and baseball and all the sports, in high school I was wrestler. I am the same weight, at 60 when I was in high school. I eat well, took protein bars, I love staying fit and I have a ritual of 15 minutes workout and it gives me good mental attitude.

[05:23] Family: What habits you have around family and relationships?

 [05:29] You know I am one of the six kids, we all grew up in a same house and it was a small house. So I shared my room with my older brother. The three brothers, we have 9 years of difference in each which is quite interesting, but we all communicate regularly and we are very close. I have a great family of two boys, you know my wife and my boys are very tight family. I worked for my father, you know when I was 11 years old for number of years, he was in the restaurant business and when he retired, he was out of the business and he said that I know a lot of restaurant owners and their business. So he joined my company and became part of the selling of the businesses under the umbrella of Kevin Harrington Enterprise. So I worked for my father and my father ended up working with me. Our family is very close.

[08:38] Mentally Strong: So the next one here is the mental aspect, being mentally strong. I know this is something that you have done for the lifetime but this is today, still having consistent habits, routines or exercises that you do to maintain your mental health.

[08:52] I think mental health also starts by feeling good physically. You know some people don’t feel good in the morning, they are tired, I believe you are gonna get a jumpstart, you know to the day. So I keep myself very brushed with all the things that are happening in the world. I read five newspaper deliver to my home. I keep mental focus on what’s happening not only this but in your business as well. And there is an energy that flows by doing this.

[11:25] Financial: You know the next spoke is one that people naturally assume you know not an issue for you anymore, that is financial, but I think you probably have some healthy habits along the way that allows you to be in a financial position as you are today.  

 [11:38] So financial is you know my mother came from a family of finance experts. I grew up around very successful families. I was very motivated by financially because my friends were given cars when they were sixteen but I had earned my own car when I was sixteen. So I started very financially oriented and so from the age of literally sixteen I earned everything I owned. So for me I am responsible for the cost of being on the planet and so I started at the young age with that responsibility and as I built business I become responsible for many other families and employees.

[19:07] Spiritual: Well the next one is spiritual, this is the area that often be left behind and all the urgent things in the life, what is your spiritual spoke?

[19:20] So spiritually, my mother is a powerful source in my life. I was raised in the catholic world and I was sent to catholic school in Ohio. So I was brought up in the strict catholic environment. So it made me believe that it is important to took care of your friends and your neighbours, and had a very close knit feeling to the church.

[21:17] Career: Our next spoke is career. You know in our previous show we learned a lot about your career but I would love to know this new 30 years legacy plan you have, of the new passion to help others in their career. What kind of habits that you have to imply this passion?

[21:55] It’s a great question. So when I talk about the family, I ensure that I schedule my family time, I also schedule my time to get back to entrepreneurial community. So I delegate a certain amount of time to my product side business, you know I am always gonna be as seen on TV developing products and that’s you know 20% of my time, and 20% of my time go to my family and another 20% of my time go to developing new business opportunities and then other 20% of my time has to go to help others developing their businesses.

[24:55] Personal: Well the last one here is personal. And this is another area like that but this is more about you. What are those things that you do for you?

[25:15] You know I always loved to talk about the things like golf is my hobby, to be really good in golf is to focus on it. I am a very competitive guy. I wake up happy, I wake up ready to hit the ground already and ready to tackle the day because I know: 1) I got a great business, great friends, great family that I am involved with the day to day basis, I already know at the end of the day that I am blessed. But I also know that I am gonna meet new opportunities, new deals, new friends, that gonna be so creative, that is excitement for me for the day.

[31:47] What habits of Kevin Harrington’s resonated with you? Inspired you? Our goal with these “habits” interviews is to showcase that none of these massively successful people, just like Zig Ziglar, fell out of the sky as superheroes. They merely did the work. Daily habits. We must learn from these examples. Find Kevin at Coming up next in show 509 we asked people this question, “What caused you to finally start?” You were going along, maybe had a wish or desire or need, but time went on and you didn’t act. Then finally, ___X___ happened and you started forward, took a step, leapt. What was the cause? Why did you finally go forward?” We got incredible feedback and Michelle Prince and I walked through it together…it was very profound. So till then, thank you…for letting me walk with you as we inspire our true performance…together!